Wildwood Bronc Bustin’ and Handhills Lake Stampede


Not only did Rod Hay get to spend a rare weekend at home in the thick of the Canadian pro rodeo season, he took top honours at his hometown rodeo event: the 7th annual Wildwood Bronc Bustin.’

“It was probably the toughest bronc riding we’ve had,” Hay said, referring to both the cowboy competition and the stock.

“It always feels good to come out on top of that,” he noted shortly after the final round in Wildwood, Alta., during which he rode Franklin Rodeo’s Blue Too for 87 points.

Hay placed in both the first and second go-rounds during the June 5 performance, finishing fifth in the average with 156 points before heading into the finals, earning a weekend total of $3,388. The win also bumps him from 10th place in the Canadian saddle bronc standings to fourth. He’s currently ranked first in the World standings.

But it’s not just the win that makes this one special for Hay. He’s also a member of the committee out in Wildwood, a position he gladly finds the time for in his busy rodeo schedule.

“The people on the committee are so good and we’ve had so much help from the sponsors that have been behind us. It’s made it a lot of fun,” he said.

“And it’s been pretty interesting for me,” added the eight-time Canadian champion. “I’ve been rodeoing all these years, going down the road, and I never really knew what all happened behind the scenes, so it’s really cool to get behind the scenes and do one from the ground up. There are a lot of different things that go on. It’s a lot of work and there are a lot of things you’ve got to pay attention to that you kind of take for granted when you’re just cowboying and heading down the road in your pickup truck.”

Unofficial Weekend Winners:

EDITOR’S NOTE: These results have not been processed and are subject to change.

Handhills Lake Stampede, Hand Hills, AB
Saddle Bronc: Dustin Flundra (Pincher Creek, AB), 82, $995; Bareback: Monty Koopman (North Battleford, SK), 82, $940; Bull Riding: Scott Schiffner (Strathmore, AB), 87.5, $900; Tie-Down Roping: Alwin Bouchard (Scandia, AB), 8.3, $1,268; Steer Wrestling: Todd Woodward (Lethbridge, AB) and Tyrel Miller (Wainwright, AB), 4.1, $1,288; Ladies Barrel Racing: Elaina Black (Kamloops, BC), 16.07, $988; Team Roping: Steele DePaoli (Longview, AB) and Don DePaoli (Longview, AB), 4.6, $2,312; Novice Saddle Bronc: Wyatt Thurston (Big Valley, AB), 71.0, $427; Novice Bareback: Clint Laye (Cadogan, AB), 73.5, $318; Steer Riding: Austin Nash (Sangudo, AB), 75, $349

Wildwood Bronc Bustin’, Wildwood, AB
Saddle Bronc 1st Performance: Billy Richards (Crossfield, AB), 82, $1,210; Saddle Bronc 2nd Performance, 1st Go: Chet Johnson (Gillette, WY), 88, $1,160; Saddle Bronc 2nd Performance, 2nd Go: Kyle Thomson (Black Diamond, AB), 82, $1,169; Saddle Bronc 2nd Performance, Finals: Rod Hay (Wildwood, AB), 87, $3,201; Novice Saddle Bronc: Royden Griffith (Hanna, AB), 80.5, $396; Steer Riding: Greyden Eiserman (Maple Creek, AB), 77, $359

~ courtesy of  the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association


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