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Here\’s a comprehensive and in-depth brain-quiz to test your memory and thinking skills, and assist each of you in determining your correct career-path. Just kidding. It\’s actually just a fun, quick, brainless-quiz. Perfect for a Friday. Jot down your answer in the Comments section below in 60 seconds or less. Really, I\’m timing you. Move on to the next activity. Have a great weekend.

Oh, and automatically be entered to win one of two great Rambo Quarter Horse Nylon sheets. In the picture above, they are blue, but the ones I\’m giving away are green. I know this because they are in our office right now. I have touched them and felt the durable tough outer shell. I\’ve tested the crisscross belly surcingles and can attest to their fastness. I ran the soft inside fabric through my fingers, and marveled at it\’s silky smoothness. Then, Beth, our infamous office manager stopped me at the front door and took them away from me. She\’s always interfering, that Beth.

The last contest I held, the Brand It Contest, garnered forth 96 responses. According to my iphone calculator that means every entry had a one in 32 chance of winning one of three pairs of Cruel Girl jeans. The chances of winning last Friday\’s Lotto-649 draw was approximately one in 969,340. So, govern yourself accordingly and choose wisely on this Friday. Then get on with your weekend, already.

All you have to do is let us know – in the Comment section below – two things:

1) your favorite horse activity to participate?

2) your favorite horse activity to watch?

It\’s fine if they are the same. We\’ll randomly choose two winners and the lucky recipients will be the new owners of a sheet each.

Contest closes May 31.

Contest winners will be posted June 3. Look for them then!


133 thoughts on “Your Favorite Horse Activity Contest”

  1. As much as I love reining and working cowhorse, assisting or watching my mares foaling is my favourite horse activity.

  2. Running down the pen and saying “whoe”..

    To watch, Open finals at the NRHA futurity.

  3. Cindy Wilinski

    GREAT prize!! I could watch Western Pleasure and HUS all day…I love comparing the movers. I could participate in the rail and pattern events all day too. 🙂

  4. Mary-Kate Handforth

    1) Working Cow Horse, and Horse Camping/ Trail riding in Kananaskis.
    2) Working Cow Horse, SHow Jumping at Spruce Meadows.
    Happy Friday!

  5. Jodie Hines

    I enjoy participating in reining, but I LOVE watching Dressage at the Olympic Level.

  6. 1. Favorite to participate in – Team Roping
    2. Favorite to watch – Rodeos with Team Roping

  7. 1. Favorite to participate in – Horse camping and trail riding
    2. Favorite to watch – horses at play

  8. My favorite activity to participate in is reining, but I think my favorite horse activity to watch is WCH, so fun!! (and I’d definately like to participate in it one day)

  9. Jany Carpentier

    Hi! My favorite activity to do with my horse his barrel racing! But my favorite activity to watch is for sure team penning!

  10. I like to team pen and team rope anything to do with a cow and horse And Ireally like to watch barrels and team penning mostly to watch the horses

  11. Traci Ludwig

    1) favourite horse activity to participate in would be cutting

    2) faourite activity to watch would be cowhorse

  12. Favorite to participate in is reining, fav to watch is my daughter reining, or grooming, or just being with the horses.

  13. Sharon Fergusson

    I am a barrel racer, can’t get enough of watching it but also enjoy reining, working cow and love show jumping, never miss Spruce Meadows, so I guess you can just say all things related to a horse!!

  14. 1. Hanging out at the horse shows with my fellow-horse crazy friends
    2. Watching a good team perform – doesn’t matter if its a trail class, an awesome slide in reining, a smoking barrel run, or coming down the bank at Spruce, just to watch an “awesome go” with a horse & rider is what I like to see.

  15. I like to trail ride after not riding for 30+ years.

    And I love to watch the jumping at Spruce Meadows and just watching my horses out in the pasture..

  16. 1.Good Old Barrel Race
    2. Anything envolving speed, agility and rider/horse team work!!

  17. Shannon Morin

    My favortie to participate at the moment is Halter and Showmanship

    My favorite to watch would reining and my horses running in the field.

  18. 1. I love reining also working cows in the ranch setting.
    2. the best is to watch horses in their natural surrounding, but I can deffinently watch anything 🙂

  19. 1) Barrel Racing
    2) Barrel Racing

    Tho anything to do with these fine animals is awesome!!

  20. Mia Glasser

    1. I love to trail ride in the mountains!
    2. I enjoy watching jumping at Spruce Meadows.

  21. Trail riding in the mountains with my best friend.
    Any event that involves a horse.

  22. I like to watch upper-level Reining. It’s full of finesse and athelticism.

    For sheer excitement, it’s WCH all the way for me!

  23. 1. Favorite activity is trail riding with a group of good friends.

    2. I love to watch my boys riding their ponies.

  24. I love spending any time in the saddle but I can’t help but get the best high from reining!
    And it’s so hard to choose my favorite to watch, but I would say reining again or possibly Dressage.

  25. Any time I get to pamper my horses by ways of massage and magnetic application is awesome!!Love to see their response…so worth it!!!

    Love watching All equine events for sure…one that is so precious is the Minature horseshows…..mighty little horses with such big hearts!!!

    Thanks for this opportunity!!!

  26. Cutting, cutting, cutting!!!

    There is nothing better than to watch well schooled horses perform in this disipline; and to watch kids ride these horses in competition is enough to bring tears to your eyes!

  27. 1) your favorite horse activity to participate?
    Trail riding

    2) your favorite horse activity to watch?

  28. 1.Riding ( western pleasure )
    2.Barrel racing , reining ( never saw team penning ,cutting or WCH )

  29. Cheryl Fotheringham

    I like watching anything equine related but have a passion for reining and of course driving, especially Combined Driving.

  30. #1 I love trail riding and just hanging out with my horses. As a senior I spend lots more time on the ground and have slowed down considerably not expecting everything to happen immediately. So I am able to be more patient with the youngsters.
    #2 I love watching reining and being a “bleacher” reiner, riding every move and calculating scores as I see them (I’m a judge), cheering for the awesome maneuvers as they come up.

  31. 1. favorite activity – working with the foals

    2. favorite activity to watch – reining

  32. I love reining for the feeling of really riding my horse. If just for the love of action, penning was a real blast.

    Watching working cow horse or watching reining? A hard choice.

  33. Hi, like to trail ride, and love to watch horses gallop; love the movement and the energy!

  34. 1. Love riding the trails checking out nature…just so relaxing.

    2. love to watch barrel racing…exciting!!

  35. Melanie Elliott

    I love cutting to compete in
    It would have to be working cow horse to watch. The rush!

  36. 1) your favorite horse activity to participate? Hunter

    2) your favorite horse activity to watch? Eventing

  37. i love barrel racing, but would quit to be a cutter :-))))

    live i really like the horse races, on tv cutting, and then barrels!

  38. Although I show a reining horse and help to organize a reining show, yesterday a good friend and I saddled our ponies and hit the trails for medicine. We saw a black bear sow with cubs and looked for the resident owls. No luck this time.

  39. 1. Trail riding in the foothills or mountains

    2. Watching reining and working cow horse

  40. 1. working cow horse, cutting

    2. nothing better than watching a good cow horse work

  41. Trail Riding with my family – quiet dayz, birds, sunshine and frisky horses….

    and really enjoy watching cutting and reining events.

  42. Cutting is my favorite, have not done a lot but god willing i’ll get to do much more, nothing more exhilarating than being on as cutting horse working a cow !!!!!!!better than sex i say

  43. Iris Oleksuk

    I love competetive trail riding to participate in.

    To watch, I think I like team penning the best…maybe horse racing.

  44. To do: finding a good rythymn and bend.

    To watch; show jumping, cross country, dressage, reining, cutting horses running free and strutting their stuff.

  45. My horse’s favourite past time is giving a massage to our young boxer dog Jasper. I have posted a video on youtube if anyone is interested to see

  46. love to ride Reining-working cow & ranch trail. can never stop watching my new babies playing & developing their personalities!!

  47. Love to ride reining, team penning/sorting and trail too

    Love to watch the cattle events

  48. 1) your favorite horse activity to participate?
    Team penning/sorting and gymkhana i couldnt pick between the three as i love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2) your favorite horse activity to watch?
    team penning or sorting as it is awesome to watch the cows and horses try to out maneuver each other.

  49. I find great fulfillment in playing with my 5 horses with Natural Horsemanship .
    I love to watch Natural horsemanship demos with people putting the horse’s relationship first. I love to see the horse having as much fun as the human.
    Thank-you !

  50. Favorite to compete in – Trail Class.
    Favorite to watch – Freestyle Reining.

  51. 1)Favorite Horse Activity- anytime on the back of my horse
    2)Favorite Horse Activity to Watch- any horse in a pasture

  52. My favourite equine activity to participate in is training – for my horse and myself, through every interaction!

    My favourite equine activity to watch is freestyle reining. Thank gosh for YouTube, as we don’t have any reiners in my area!

  53. Iris Oleksuk

    I love competing in competetive trail does my horse..that’s why it’s so much fun

  54. I like to compete in our local barrel racing club and I like to watch cutting horse competitions.

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