10 Weeks \’till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

If you missed last week\’s great Christmas gift idea – the beautiful Kim Taylor On The Trail day planner, I have a new gorgeous idea for you today.

\"\"This week\’s great Christmas gift idea is beautiful handcrafted Mara pottery. The sculptor Mara designed many pieces of pottery over her lifetime; you can read more about her here. Studying with world\’s greatest modern artists, Mara developed and mastered the difficult technique of precise line drawing in ceramics.

\"\"I happened upon Mara pottery at the Canadian Supreme Western Lifestyle Marketplace a few weeks ago.

\"\"I\’m not one for factory-made, so I was immediately drawn by the fact that each piece of Mara pottery is engraved and painted by hand, a tradition her family carries out in her name.

\"\"These gorgeous pieces are both contemporary and rustic. Love them.

\"\"A milk jug, but could also function as a wine decanter.

\"\"This is another of Mara\’s designs – coyote cactus – which I think would work well with the horse set I already purchased.

I want to share this beautiful pottery, so I\’m giving one of my newly purchased and unused pieces away! I haven\’t decided which I can part with yet, but while I agonize over that choice, let us know in the Comment section below, who you have the most difficult time purchasing a Christmas gift for. You don\’t have to name your giftee specifically, but can retain them some anonymity with a nickname, if you prefer. Contest closes Friday, Nov. 11 at midnight.


20 thoughts on “10 Weeks \’till Christmas: Great Gift Ideas”

  1. I have the hardest time finding a Christmas gift for my father….the man who has everything lol. We’ve gone through all of the traditional “father” type gifts and have even repeated a few of them like shirts & tools. This year, I think we might see if we can get dad into more technology with some gizmo from Best Buy.

  2. My mom! She never wants anything, never asks for anything and never buys anything for herself, so when it come to looking for Christmas gifts is almost impossible!!!

  3. My husband! He is impossible, I usually end up getting him a gift card or something equally impersonal because he can never tell me what he wants, and his interests are different from mine so I can’t even venture a decent guess!

  4. My son Mike…..I never seem to get him what he wants but he wont help me out with hints….sigh. I have the impersonal nature of gift cards but what else can I do.

  5. My mother!!! She says she doesn’t want anything. Which I think is because she just “borrows” my things so she thinks she has lots.

  6. My mom is the HARDEST person to buy for and we fail every year! She will show us something she likes so we buy it for her and come to find out later that it wasn’t actually what she wanted! It seems that my grandma is the only one that can find her the perfect gift!!

  7. For my hubby, the man for which is hard to buy! He loves the great outdoors and would love the piece, I’m sure. The pieces are gorgeous!

  8. Definitely my Mom, she is a basic type person who doesn’t go for gadgets or frivolous things, her only hobby is her horses, but what do you buy a 78 year old woman who has bean riding for most of those years?

  9. stacey huska

    my husband is very difficult to buy for! he won’t let me buy tools anymore, i always buy the wrong ones.

  10. I have the hardest time finding the right gift for our very good friends, I will call the “L”‘s. Their entire lives have been horses, horses, and more horses, so an obvious gift is something horse related………. but what?!!

  11. I have the worst time buying something for my brother. If he is ever in need or want of something he just goes out and buys it, no matter how close it may be to Christmas (or his birthday which is just after!!). I am someone who really likes unique and thoughtful gifts, and he makes it very difficult! (PS I saw these at the Supreme as well!! She is extremely talented!)

  12. My Mom! But then, she is 89 years young and insists that she has everything she needs/wants. All she does wish for is more of my and my brother’s time. So that part is easy. I still have to find something to put under the tree for Christmas. It just wouldn’t be right for there not to be something special for her to open. She has trained and raised horses all her life so of course the house is all ‘cowgirl’! 🙂 ♥

  13. I’m married to this guy who thinks it is okay to go buy what you want when you want. I thought I had the perfect gift for him and he went out and bought it. #*@*#* No wonder men shop on Christmas Eve … they assume we are like them and they are afraid they will have to return their purchase 🙂

  14. I have the WORST time shopping for my dad. He doesnt need any more tools, no more clothing, nothing more for his trucks. He says he just wants some nice socks for Christmas. But really, doesnt that sound like the worst present in the world?
    Every single year I try to plan out things to get my dad, but everytime I fail. I want to get him something special, but have yet to find that.

  15. I find males the hardest to buy for because if they see something they want they just go out and get it. Just an idea for the older person who has everything how about planting a tree or rose bush in their honor and they can enjoy it longer then the giving day.
    I guess we give from the heart and hope we got the right thing!

  16. Cindy Schafer

    A dear friend who doesn’t WANT anything an claims she doesn’t NEED anything…
    If the need arises she can go get it…

  17. My brother is the hardest to buy for. He has some life troubles and is 28 still living at home, no job and no hobbies! What do u buy for him?! Very frustrating! To old for toys but does not want clothes or tools or other guy stuff.

  18. Tracy Goodbrand

    I am challenged every year trying to come up with a gift idea for my step-father. In his seventies, he seems to have everything he wants and always says, “nothing” when I ask what he has in his letter to “Santa”. One year, I ended up giving him an empty box (for his ‘nothing’) with a small gift that my mom had hidden for me. I was trying to make a point, but it didn’t work…. so I continue to struggle. Mara’s work is absolutely beautiful and no doubt would make a perfect gift!

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