100-Day Hydration Challenge


Signal-Health – the North American distributor of the Equiwinner™ non-invasive dermal patch – is on a quest. The company wants to alert owners and trainers that healthy horses will stay well hydrated on their own and to provide the solution to achieve such a healthy state.

Company owner, Barbara Socha, says, “We know people are skeptical to try something new when they already use something that seems to work and that they depend on. That’s why we’re launching the Equiwinner 100-Day Hydration Challenge – to convince them that it’s better to eliminate hydration problems rather than just treat the symptoms.”

In healthy horses, electrolytes work properly. Thirst is triggered as necessary, when there’s an increase of extracellular fluid sodium concentration in the body. This must work especially well in winter, when horses need to drink MORE because their forage has likely changed from moisture-rich pasture to dry hay. And, because horses aren’t as keen on cold water, they often drink LESS so it’s even more critical for their thirst mechanism to be triggered properly.

If a horse doesn’t drink enough to stay hydrated, it’s because this system has failed and the thirst signal has not been triggered. The Equiwinner patch is a natural electrolyte balancing system that ensures proper electrolyte activity. It supports healthy internal hydration and ensures the thirst signal is triggered as needed.

The recently released Farmers’ Almanac is predicting another nasty winter similar to last year’s Polar Vortex. A well-hydrated horse is better able to outlast a power failure and frozen water pipes. Proper hydration provides a safety net in times of trouble.

She invites anyone whose horse doesn’t drink enough or has a dry coat, mouth, manure or hooves to take the Challenge. A single treatment takes only 10 days yet can be effective for up to a full year. “If a horse owner or trainer takes the 100-Day Challenge and sees no benefit at the end of it, we’ll gladly refund the purchase price. There’s no risk and nothing to lose.”

“Years of scientific research have gone into developing the Equiwinner patch but the results are so quick and astounding, people just can’t believe it’s so simple! Horse owners and trainers really must try Equiwinner to see for themselves.”

For more information about the product or to register for the Equiwinner 100-Day Challenge, visit www.signal-health.com or phone toll-free: 1-877-378-4946.


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