1963 Canada Championship Rodeo

My friend, Tom Bishop sent me this photo a bit back.

Isn\’t it great.

I love it, but naturally, I don\’t have an inkling of who might be in it. Neither did Tom, though he thought perhaps there are \”some Vold\’s\” in it.


Tom and his sister, Sally Bishop are third-generation horsepeople, involved in the entertainment business. This family tradition began in the late 1880\’s when Tom and Sally\’s grandfather, as a young boy, witnessed Buffalo Bill\’s Wild West Show in Newcastle, England, and the seed of an obsession with the Wild West was planted.

Today, Tom runs Tom Bishop\’s 4B Ranch Productions, based in Ontario, a company which has been involved in many film and television productions, and in this modern age, puts together a great Wild West show for events.

I had the fortune to meet Sally Bishop years ago, and for a number of years she authored a rider fitness column for Western Horse Review. She\’s an incredible talent, amazing trick rider, and has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment business as well with her company, Sure Shot Productions.

Sally is a gal who pushes the envelope with style, and incredible horsemanship. This video perfectly illustrates that point.

Nerves of steel, this one.

Sally performed for some time with the extraordinary Cavalia . . . which, by the way, is soon to come to Canada! More on that later.

Tom and Sally Bishop are incredible horsepeople, and great stewards of the western lifestyle and riding culture. Check them out sometime!

And, in the meantime, let us know if you recognize anyone in that photo.


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  1. Donna Brasso

    Hi Ingrid,
    We might be able to help you identify some of these cowboys- could you possibly send a larger picture?

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