32 Hours


It was a long 32 hours of driving, but we made it to Oklahoma in one piece – horses and all.

The trip started out slow, the ranch got a huge dump of snow the night before we left and it snowed hard through most of Montana with a wind warning in Wyoming. The roads were bad, but we knew there was a big storm coming so we had to press on.

And it was a good thing we did because the next day they started closing roads in Montana and Wyoming.

Headed into Montana – looks not too bad.


Still Montana – a whole lot worse.

I got a history lesson from my father-in-law during the long drive. In Montana I got the low down on Colonel Custer and Sitting Bull. I also learned about Lewis & Clark.

\"\" \"Sitting

In Nebraska we discussed the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Gotta fill those 32 hours with something 🙂


Passing through Nebraska’s Great Platte River Road Archway.

The boys did most of the driving, but I took over the wheel for a few hours so they could catch up on some sleep. But for the majority of the trip my job was to had over snacks and make sandwiches for the boys.
What a good wife and daughter-in-law I am 😉

We stopped several times along the way for fuel and to water the horses.


The horses weren’t too interested in drinking until we hit Nebraska, so we were hesitant to feed them too much until they started drinking.


In Nebraska however they were mighty thirsty!


We arrived in Oklahoma City at approximately 5:15, right in the middle of rush hour. It took us over an hour to get through the city and then on to Purcell to our destination – Todd Arvidson Reining Horses.


Todd, an NRHA judge and professional reining horse trainer, and his wife Heidi are so accommodating.

We got the boys all settled in their stalls, fed and watered them and tucked them in for the night. We then headed to Bravos Mexican Grill for some lime beers, margaritas and a delicious Mexican meal!

From there we got a hotel room for the night, showered and hit the hay. 32 hours of driving takes it out of you. The next day we would plan to exercise the horses and then head to the AQHA World Show to watch the Senior Reining Finals.


6 thoughts on “32 Hours”

  1. Lynn Reinarz

    Glad to hear that you all (including the horses) made it safely and that it was a uneventful trip which is what you always hope for. Have a blast! I am really enjoying your blog and the photos.

  2. Marilyn Copland

    Great commentary, Dee! Really enjoyed your photos too. I was worried about those roads having seen photos of pileups in North Dakota about the same time you were headed out……and being from the Midwest, I’ve been caught in a few.

    Have fun this week. Jesse is very lucky to have you in his life!

  3. Enjoy your down time after your trip. Still minus 30 with wind chill. Looking to Chinook winds tomorrow.

  4. Really enjoying your blog Deanna. Thanks for the updates on your progress…in all departments, even history :).

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