Day One


Now that we have arrived in Oklahoma, it’s day one of preparation for showing at the “BIG” Futurity.

The four boys had a long ride on the trailer, but they were feeling pretty fresh. Jesse opted to work his three in the round pen while Jeff rode Buddy out on the big track.

First up – CJ

\"TheYawning and he hasn\’t even been put to work yet.

\"\"Jesse knew he didn’t want to ride his horses the first day, but wanted to get the fresh off and still give them a “job”. Working them in the round pen would do just that.

Jeff decided he would ride his…but maybe lounge him first.

Looking pretty perky!

Buddy was especially fresh!


Still a little fresh…

\"\"\"\"Now time to get on.




\"\"Fellow Canadians, Jimmy and Andrea Andersen were also riding out on the track. Andrea showed at the Amatuer World Show, placing in the top 10 in the reining. Jimmy has two entered in the Open Futurity.

\"\"Next was Ten\’s turn for the round pen.





And then onto Cooper.

\"\"The boys got their fresh off and we headed to the Worlds where I got to do a little shopping. Believe it or not Jesse managed to buy more than I did. This year\’s Senior Reining Champion went to Jordan Larson and Custom Harley. Congratulations!

Couple more days and we\’ll be moving into the fairgrounds and preparing to show on Thursday.


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