4 Great Breeding Products

Are you looking for a few good products to help you maximize your efficiency in the breeding lab this season? Here are four that might help you along.

All-In-One Water Bath
If your lab space is limited or if your budget can't accommodate a pricey slide warmer, an incubator and a water bath, then the All-In-One system from Breeder’s Choice might be the perfect solution. Inside a stainless steel basin, Lab Armor aluminum beads are used to provide a concurrent thermal and antimicrobial activity that shield the semen and personnel from invading organisms. Thermally, the beads can heat or cool like water in any standard water bath. Or you can also add a goblet of water to the basin to thaw your frozen semen, warm your slides, extender, collection bottles and semen all in one place.

High Definition Microscope screen
Do you have trouble focusing on slides through the microscope lens? If so, you’re not alone. These days, many new microscopes come with the ability to connect to any flat panel display for larger viewing. Be it a computer screen or 15” to 20” flat panel tv monitor, plugging in the additional display allows for larger slide inspection, possible measurement or even picture taking. A external monitor offers a better, brighter quality image which is extremely beneficial for determining semen motility. Many monitors can be purchased at your neighborhood Best Buy or Radioshack, just be sure to purchase a microscope with direct connect to a monitor first.

Extender Dispenser
With the Smart Dispenser from Minitube Canada, never again will you have to worry if you have added too much or too little semen extender to valuable semen shipments. This system is designed to dispense semen extender with accuracy and calibration is not required. The system comes with a controller and scale and a pump can be purchased separately. Compatible with IDEE laboratory software or as a stand alone system.

Fleece Phantom Cover
If you have a stallion that has a tendency to cut his knees while mounting the breeding dummy (the canvas can be pretty rough at times), a fleece phantom cover may be able to protect his precious skin. It provides added comfort for your stallion, plus it can protect your phantom fabric from shoe cuts. Covers are available with or without “hips” to enhance the stallion’s support when mounted.

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