Growing a Little Country Contest Winners


Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our Growing A Little Country Contest. Terrific selection of comments from an obviously gardening and landscaping audience at I just planted some of these seeds this evening; I tried the Sudan Grass, Black-Bearded Wheat and Starburst Millet. I\’m aiming for a great backdrop against one wall of the log house.

The winners of three sets of beautiful ornamental grass seeds from William Moore Farms are:


No. 3 for me! Their gardens are awesome.


Just love grasses, they look great and are low maintenance which is perfect when the ranch takes up most of my time.pkg. 3 for me!


Love the millet! I am working on a rock garden around an old horse-drawn breaking plow and these would be perfect… 🙂

Congratulations ladies, and enjoy the grass seeds. Please send your mailing address to [email protected] as soon as possible and we\’ll get your seeds out to you. Just because I want to be sure you have enough, I\’m going to send you each two envelopes of three seed packages each. Enjoy!





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