Cavalia Stars

By Darla Rathwell

Photos courtesy of Bear Valley Rescue

You may not recognize Cricket and Linus from these photos, now that they have their own personal grooming team with Cavalia. They are two of Alberta’s, Bear Valley Rescue horses and were just a couple of the horses that were destine for slaughter, when Kathy and Mike Bartley, out bid the meat buyer. Now, they’re making their debute by opening and closing the Calgary Cavalia show.


Cricket, is a purebred Quarter Horse and like many auction weanlings was never handled, until going to Bear Valley Rescue and named after he cleared a four foot gate.


Linus is a Quarter Horse/Paint cross.

Sad, but true, many weanlings, ex-race horses and unwanted horses, that some think just don’t measure up are sent for slaughter, without a second chance. Big star, not the typical stereotype of what is believed a rescue horse could be, but Cricket and Linus’ are just one example of a successful horse adoption. In the summer issue of Western Horse Review magazine, check out six of Canada’s horse placement organizations.


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