7 Things That Make Me Smile

Today is one of those days where I just feel like reflecting on all the things that bring joy to my life. So here goes:

1. My Family – As they say, a picture is worth a 1,000 words…


2. Moves Like Jagger – When the babies have gone down for the night and I need to find inspiration to get some work on the computer done, this song is all that and a bag of chips …. I mean, how perfectly clever are the lyrics? Christina Aguilera belts it out in a duet with Maroon 5\’s frontman Adam Levine. And, the video features some vintage Mick footage and his signature moves. Yes, the words are permanently stuck in my head.


3. The Barn Cat – Oh the life of a barn cat: He\’d like you think he earns his keep around here…


4. Raiding the Neighbour\’s Garden – Okay, so I actually have permission to help myself to my friend, Coleen\’s garden. But when I tell people I\’m gonna \”raid\” it – it makes me feel so bada$$! Like the rush a teenager gets when they break curfew for the first time…

But I\’m getting off topic. This is about vegetables.

Oh what a bada$$ fresh garden salad we\’re gonna have tonight!!


5. The Colts – From their I-wanna-be-a-big-horsey antics, to their curiosity, to their soft muzzles. I love every little thing about them.


6. Our Daily Walks – Every afternoon following their 3rd meal of the day, the babies and I load up the baby chariot and head out for a walk. And if I\’m late getting to it – they let me know!

I\’m not sure what I\’m going to do the first time the weather is cold enough to keep us from going out <insert summer-is-over? frown here>

We visit the horses and the barns and take in their scent. I get a little exercise, some vitamin D, and the twins catch some ZZZZs.


7. Watching My Husband Dress Our Baby Girl In a Tutu – Need I say more?

I don\’t have a picture of the event as it was happening – (a video would have been better anyways) – but this is the outfit:


Observing my horse-trainer husband first analyze the tutu – and then proceed to put it on our little princess was priceless!

If you feel like, drop me a line in the comments box below and let me know what brings joy to your day. Hope you have a great one!

– JW


4 thoughts on “7 Things That Make Me Smile”

  1. Well, when winter arrives you park the chariot and bring out the sleigh. What makes me happy – seeing you and Clay being a family and knowing that when it all comes down to it you are blessed.

  2. Grandma Debbie

    What makes us happy? Knowing that you and Clay have a healthy and happy family – and both of you seem to enjoy your role as parents. Good things will always come your way when you can stay positive about your little ones. Love ’em lots ’cause they grow up quick!

  3. Awwwww…what makes me happy….coming to the Western Horse Review site and reading your blog (and the others too!).

  4. Patti James

    Look at the size of your babies! They are so beautiful!
    My life is not as full as yours – eyebrows make me smile now, eyelashes growing make me chuckle! Can’t tell you what makes me laugh out loud.

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