Medical Essentials

Aside from the basic necessities an equine first-aid kit requires, there are a couple of extra things I always like to carry around with us. With so many horses, it\’s best to be prepared for almost anything.

Fungidye – Fungidye is clinically proven by veterinarians and farriers to stop fungus in the hoof and is beneficial against thrush, white line disease, hoof rot and hair infections. This purple agent penetrates into all infected cavities of the horse’s foot. It is insoluble in water or urine and has anti-fungal agents, plus two anti-bacterial agents that continue to work after being covered up and it won’t kill tissue. Fungidye does not contain formaldehyde or copper sulfate and can be used in nail holes or other affected areas. Since we live in a very muddy location, we keep our stock of Fungidye in good supply because you never know when we may need it.


Derma Gel – This is a multipurpose healing dressing gel, in a dispenser tube. This product offers rapid skincare healing to wounds and forms a protective barrier against foreign contaminants. Derma Gel works because it has a soothing effect and maintains a moist wound environment: have you ever had a horse be its own worst enemy because its wound became so itchy as it healed? Derma Gel can you help win the healing war. This product is non-greasy, safe to use in competition or during gestation and won’t harm the horse even if he or she has a tendency to lick wounded areas.

Surpass – This is a topical, targeted alternative to phenylbutazone is used for the control of pain associated with osteoarthritis in the hock, knee, fetlock or pastern joints of the horse. Surpass works because patented Wisdom™ liposomal makes is possible to deliver the potent relief of active ingredient, diclofenac to the inflamed joint without going through unintended targets like your horse’s GI tract, liver and kidneys. All you have to do is massage into the affected area and you’re done! We use this helpful NSAID when we are looking to minimize oral use of Bute or Banamine.


Non-Sterile Gauze Square Sponges – It may seem almost cliche to say that every first aid kit needs gauze. But have you ever discovered you have no proper gauze available when emergency strikes? Not every type of gauze works for every circumstance, that’s why I always make sure we have hundreds of these babies around. These 100% woven cotton pads are an absolute necessity in every first aid kit. They are highly absorbent sponge that are ideal for a number of applications, for instance if you need to apply Furacin to a leg wound underneath a stable wrap, or for a non-stick padding overtop of stitches or to apply an abscess poultice to the bottom of a horse’s hoof. Their uses are endless. These high quality sponges can be used for general cleaning, dressings, prepping, packing and debriding wounds.


GastroGard – This is an oral paste used for the treatment and prevention of gastric ulcers in horses. It works because the active ingredient, omeprazole, is a gastric acid pump inhibitor that regulates the final step in hydrogen production and blocks gastric acid secretion. Please note, the safety of GastroGard paste has not yet been determined in pregnant or lactating mares. We use this product regularly the night before long hauls, as trailering has been proven to cause stress and subsequent ulcers in performance horses.


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  1. I get my dermagel from the vet, it costs about $50 per tube but it is more than worth it!!!in the past 5 years since i started using it, it has proved its worth from little nicks and cuts to large leg wounds! the best!

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