A Few Delightful Things

Here are a few things that make mine and my husband\’s life easier these days – in the home and around the barn…


\"\"It looks like a mushroom and it\’s quite the conversation piece whenever someone spots it. And when my husband first received a Hat Buddy as a gift, we both cocked an eyebrow. However since we put it to use, the Hat Buddy has become an invaluable hat keeper in our house and truck. This padded mushroom-like hat keeper stores your hat on your dashboard, without bending it or without requiring the driver to grab for it at every curve. In the house, Clay can pop his felt on the hat buddy instead of flipping it upside down on the counter and leaving it where it can be bumped onto the floor. The Hat Buddy is made from stylish leather and conchos and is available in 3 colors: black, brown and tan.





The name alone grabs your attention when you see this product on a tack store shelf. Since we have a couple of beavers in our barn, Clay quickly had to find a solution to protect our new stall walls. And he found that solution in McNasty, made by EQyss. McNasty is a powerful anti-chew spray made with a combination of ingredients much more powerful than anything else on the market today. It\’s a clear spray that won\’t make the items sprayed, tacky. It also won\’t irritate skin, is safe to use and will not burn the horse. Use McNasty to protects wraps, bandages, stalls, fences, blankets, trailers, gates etc.






This adorable little crib set was the perfect unisex choice for our little cowboy and cowgirl. Made by CoCaLo, the classic western theme of this baby bedding set is paired with a vivid color palette of burnt red, blue, yellow, brown, black, and white. The design makes wonderful use of a western all over print and appliqués of horseshoes, horses, cows, and stars. And the mobile is cute as pie with rotating cows and wild west stars.




Seven-time world champion, Ted Robinson reveals his secrets to a lifetime of success in the working cow horse show pen in his tell-all videos. In this two-DVD set, Robinson explains his essential drills and equipment and gives you his winning edge secrets for proper positioning on the cow. He talks about rating and “shaping” the cow, plus he clarifies the differences between positioning the young horse on a cow, versus positioning for a seasoned cow horse. These DVDs are highly informative and of course, Robinson delivers his instruction all the while maintaining a refreshing sense of humor.


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