Full Metal Jousting

It\’s been unleashed at Professional Bull Riders (PBR) events. And it sponsors action-packed bashes like the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC).

Creators are calling it the \”Ultimate Extreme Sport.\”

And, if the horse industry is having a problem getting youth involved in the equine sector, full metal jousting is certain to grab their attention.

I had been hearing whispers of this age-old concept receiving new life, as early as 2010, when Ingrid blogged about her experience at a jousting in Germany. through the History Channel. After watching The History Channel\’s sponsorships on the \”Tale of the Tapes\” at UFC 144 recently, I couldn\’t deny full metal jousting any longer. It was time to dig a little deeper and see what FMJ was all about.


The History channel is bringing back the most dangerous collision sport in history and transforming it into a 21st-century event. The toughest riders in the nation face off in a bone-crushing competition for big money. Traditional armor is replaced by modern suits of steel, while the high speed action is captured by high-speed cameras. Each episode features full-contact jousts in which jousters charge and collide at 30 miles an hour, and every joust is a test of courage and strength requiring nerves of steel.

And for any man whom the sport doesn\’t chew up and spit out – the last man standing takes home the $100,000 cash prize.

At the helm of the show is Shane Adams, a Canadian-born jouster and trainer. Adams is one of the biggest names in the sport, founding several competitive tournaments in the United States and Canada, holding 17 international titles and weighing in as former president of the World Championship Jousting Association. He hopes that Fetal Metal Jousting and the sport of jousting will grow like Ultimate Fighting did with its counterpart show, The Ultimate Fighter.


The horses used in FMJ all come from Adams\’ personal stable. \”I have 20 jousting horses that I travel from show to show with, and I\’ve been performing with, for the past 10 years. All these horses basically came from my roster of trained jousting horses. And trust me, it takes a long time to get them to that point.\”

Each week’s episode of FMJ will feature full-contact trials and preparations that will ultimately determine the champion-king of the joust.


4 thoughts on “Full Metal Jousting”

  1. Barbara Cerio

    Full Metal Jousting is absolutely fabulous. I’m on pins and needles waiting for the next program. I record them, save them, and watch them several times while awating the next show. I really hope this becomes an show with new riders every year. Between FMJ and Top Shot, the History Channel has some of the best watching on TV.

  2. I grew up with a bay quarterhorse named Wini Bar Nan. Praetorian treats the jousters like my horse treated me whenever we turned around to go back to the barn! I just crack up every time Praetorian whips around the fence, rears up, and just all out “books”! I am in love with all of the horses. I love my DVR so I can play back everytime Praetorian gets crazy! My horse did not bellow out that fierce neigh with every “Take off” , nor did she have that much power, but Praetorian makes me laugh and feel like that young teen ager again. I was laughing so hard to watch Rope pull and pull back on the reins, then admit, “My arms are killing me!” Praetorian brings back memories of sore arms, pounding heart, and the thrill of an adventure that I so desire again! I wish that I could just take him for a ride ( I think)! You only live once! Enjoy the ride and the fly! Oh, PS, don’t keep his reins so tight! That will really make Praetorian not like you! Thanks Shane Adams! Give Praetorian a kiss for me and Crispin too. Great job losing the jerk who cannot control his anger for a mere toe ouchy!

  3. Thanks for a great program! Not only are the horses beautiful but the action great! Would love to see it in person. Keep on!

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