An Autumn Centerpiece

At the log house, we\’re having family over for Thanksgiving dinner, so I\’m working on building a fall centrepiece, with an informal arrangement of fall foliage, baby pumpkins, candles and the western element of horseshoes.


I lean towards the Horse & High Priestess look for Thanksgiving, how about you?


Pulling together the elements of this centre piece is fairly simply. All you need are a few high quality candles of different shapes and heights, horseshoes and whatever fall foliage and acorns you can find in your garden, fields or flowerbeds. Mini and baby pumpkins are a great addition and of course, a vessel to arrange it all in.

At this juncture, I should probably warn you there is a fire hazard involved if you choose to work with real candles. Feel free to substitute with the flameless variety, particularly if dried flowers, acorns, wood and candles burning all in the same square wooden box give you pause. We\’re aiming for a stressless holiday after all.

\"\"I like to have a few height variances in my arrangements, so I built up the inside of the box with various lifters to set candles and items on.

\"\"Horseshoes always seem to find their way into the log house. Spray them with silver or gold glitter paint if you want them to really glisten.

\"\"The dried yellow daisies from our flowerbeds and pretty mini-pumpkins are a sweet ode to autumn.

\"\"Orange votive candles and cute branches of  mini-pumpkins found at the farmers market, along with a pine sprig found their way into the arrangement as well.

\"\"The final result – a simple and seasonal centre piece that took less than an hour to build and brought together some of my favorite elements of fall.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


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