Are You Ready to go Pro?


Most of us at some point of our lives have questioned, am I good enough to go pro? Could I be a professional at this? Whether it be baseball, football, tennis, or barrel racing, there is a lot to think about before taking that step.

Are you willing to sacrifice what it takes to get there?

There is the famous saying of, \”go big, or stay home\” Understandable. Ultimately, it is your own personal choice of which route you take, but take these few points into consideration:

• Do you have a horse that can readily compete, and can mentally and physically endure the pressure of the long travels, 3-4 rodeos a weekend, and stay sound?

• Are you willing to sacrifice your horse\’s health and your own well being to fulfill your dream?

• Do you have a competitive back-up horse to fill in when your main horse needs time off?

• Is your horse competitive at the level of the professionals? Have they ever proven, or shown you that they can run under a 17.5 on a standard pattern? And consistently?

• Do you have the bank account, sponsors, and support in place to help you to afford getting down the road?

Finally, why do you want to go pro? Is it because you have a horse that can do it? Is it purely for your own ego to say to someone, \”I have a pro card,\” and be able to compete in front of the fans at a professional rode?

If you feel you have what it takes, and have the horse that can do it – go for it! Follow your dreams, nobody can stop you! Stay focused, and keep your head in the game.

Ultimately the decision is yours, but my advice is – compete where you are meant to be. Don\’t force anything that is not realistic. Set goals that are reachable. Run for you, run because your horse loves it, and enjoy every hundredth of a second.


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