Bad Day


You know the day isn’t off to a great start when the first order of business is to call a tow truck company.

Yesterday, we made such a call for our mega-cab which started up just fine – but wouldn’t move forwards or back when shifted into gear.
How frustrating.

I suppose it could have been worse. We could have had a show to get to. Or a horse to take to the vet. Or I could’ve gone into labour… Just kidding. (If the latter had happened on such a day, we probably would’ve just taken another vehicle!)

All joking aside, the mechanic at the shop where our truck was towed to is so backed up, it will likely be a week until we figure out what’s wrong with our truck. I shudder to think what the cost will be when we finally do. And unfortunately, our day didn’t get any better from there… Our prenatal classes have been scaring the begeezus outta me lately. My favorite show mare has a pesky swollen hock for some reason (not that I’ll be showing her anytime soon, but still….) I’m pretty sure I’m now over my excitement for winter: The snow and can go any day now! Plus to top it all off, I decided to spill grape / cranberry juice all over my prized living-room cow hide rug at the end of the evening. And these are only the things I’m telling you about…
I thought bad luck was only supposed to come in 3s? Some days it feels like that rule just doesn’t apply to the Webster clan. Sigh.

To turn my mood around, I always find it helpful to think about the people whom I love and the special times we’ve spent together. Like my sister Nicole, for example and the day we spent shopping in Vancouver at the hat store:

Or when we visited the cup cake store.

Or the day my friend Jaime and I tried to eat lunch on the park steps. We were soon surrounded by geese and our lunch plans were quickly dashed. It was pretty comical though.


Or I think about my friend, Suzanne, from Toronto who is always an inspiration to me.

Or I think about the time Clay and I visited a castle in Copenhagen, Denmark a couple of years ago.


Regardless of how yesterday went, I know bad days are just a part of life sometimes. There are going to be days when we are required to get needles. Or days when horses don’t pass the vet-check. Or even days when we come unsaddled, hit the dirt and struggle to find the strength to put our foot back in the stirrup.

There are people out there fighting much larger battles than trucks that won’t start or red stained carpets. If you know of someone like that, please give them a hug. Send them an email. Tell them how much you care. Sometimes, that’s all a person needs to turn a bad day around.


4 thoughts on “Bad Day”

  1. Sorry to read about your crappy day but as so proud of you for dealing with it!! We’re sending you & Clay big warm cyber hugs too, xoxo Dad & Mom

  2. oh jenn, i hear the truck pain. i killed my dodge last month the week after i ordered a new saddle cuz the last one(that was long since paid for) didnt fit my new mare!! i was told there was a north-america shortage of dodge injectors, and IF they could find some they would cost approx 1000/injector and we needed 6 of them. i think i actually puked in my mouth a little when i got that news. but luck, like all other things in life, did turn when we found we could order remanufactured ones for a fraction of the price of new. i was able to get a ride for both me and my horse to the barn with a great friend, and found out i had a little holiday pay squirreled away for just such an emergency. the friend was in a rough spot as her mother was recently diagnosed with terminal lung cancer which metastized to her brain, marrow and lymphs. makes a little money seem pretty insignificant….:)… always, keep the blogs coming, love them!! JEss

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