Birth of a Champion


Contestants are gearing up and counting down to the 40th annual Canadian Finals Rodeo, while one in particular has an interesting task on hand while she is there.

Lee Ann Rust, a CFR barrel racing competetior will be there to barrel race, but also to sign a brand new children\’s book that she has written. Rust has written a book about her great barrel horse. Harley, and has shared the story of the trials and sucess along the way.


I remember Lee Ann when she first came up to Canada to rodeo, and she was a very unique individual. Her whole life, and spare time seemed to revolve around Harley, and his well being. She spent hours working on him through stimulating acupressure points, and having a natural approach with his health.  Then she would go and run – and win! I am lucky enough that I have been able to get to know Lee Ann over the past few years, and I must say she is a true inspiration. She is always there to cheer you on, and help you if needed, and always has a great story to tell. I have to laugh when I watch some of my barrel racing runs – because all you hear is Lee Ann in the background, \”sit, sit, sit, sit, sit!\” and as I round the barrel a really loud, \”YEAH! Go on now!\”

I love hearing how she wants the best for everybody.

Lee Ann is donating an autographed book to each child at the Canadian Finals Rodeo who is involved with the Rodeo Magic, and she will be autographing a limited number of copies at the Rodeo.

Her book is also available (for U.S. orders only) at, for $11.95 plus tax, plus shipping and handling, and can be found on Amazon.

Just knowing Lee Ann personally – I can assure you this will be a great book to read.


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  1. This book looks fabulous! Thank you for writing about it and I will use your link on my FB biz page at Dreams Aloud Animal Book Buzz ~ Warm wishes, Carol

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