A New Baby, Baby Horses & A Baby Sister

Christmas, to me, is about family and friends.

First let me start off this grand morning with a big congratulations to my friends, Colin and Kerri Mallett!! They welcomed a little bundle of early Christmas joy this morning – Brooklyn Ann Mallett was born to them, with blonde hair and weighing just under 5 pounds. Baby is healthy and her parents are doing well.

In addition to that great news, I am so excited! In less than a week’s time, Clay and I will be flying to Alberta to spend Christmas with our families. So we’ll get to take a break from this:

With so much blowing snow this week, it was time to blow out our paddocks so horses could be turned out into them.

And this:

More snow blowing. It was actually a lot of fun to watch.

And this:

Okay, this was dowright hilarious to watch. Clay was trying to move snow that had blow up against the fences and gates, but the colts insisted on being right there, underfoot as he did so.

A whole giant pasture to play in and the colts had to be exactly where Clay and his tractor was:

For a while, I actually wondered if Clay was trying to build a snow fence (literally) to keep the colts penned up while he finished the chore:

I swear, our colt crop this year resulted in the biggest bunch of nerds. Of course, I say that in the most affectionate way! I just find their personalities darned funny. And I love horses with character.

But for a few days, we will leave the horses behind and toodle over to Calgary and Edmonton to visit with people we haven’t been able to see in a while. One of them being my sister:

Me on the left and my sister, Nicole on the right. A loooooong time ago...

Oh she’s gonna kill me for posting this one! My baby sister is now a doctor and we are super proud of her. But seriously Nic, did Mom cut our bangs back in those days???

My sister cooling out SR Sweet Chicolet for me after a run in the showpen.

As our lives go in different directions, and into different provinces, it gets harder and harder to catch up with friends and family these days. But Christmas is one of those times when you make it happen. When you cut corners on a few of the chores and take some time to just chill with family. And if not, family are the first to be there for you if you can’t leave the horses temporarily on their own – as my sister can attest to. She has helped me feed and turnout on several Christmas mornings.

I love ya Nic! And I’ll see you in person soon!!

Oh and stay tuned to My Stable Life – tomorrow I’ll reveal the winner of the awesome Cowgirl gift basket!