Clearwaters Come to Visit

Dale Clearwater performs a fence turn.

This past Wednesday, Clay and I had the opportunity to visit with friends of ours, Dale and Teri Clearwater of Hanley, SK. Based out of their Justabouta Ranch, the Clearwaters own and operate their own professional horse training operation. They have worked very hard to gain the reputation as honest, down to earth,  hard working people, who provide quality training and reliable customer service.

Dale is a highly respected trainer with a long list of credentials in cow horse and cutting arenas. In 2008, he was the Circle Y Derby Champion Ltd. Open and Int. Open Champion in Stephenville, TX. He has also holds such titles as the Agribition Ranch Horse Champion, Calgary Stampede Ltd. Open Hackamore Champion, and Canadian Supreme Open Snaffle Bit Futurity Champion – to name but a few.

Caleb and good ol' gray, Ace.

Dale and Teri have 2 young boys, the oldest of which has taken to horses with a passion that mirrors his father’s. Caleb loves to ride alongside his dad and enjoys “schooling” his horse, “Ace.”

While Teri has her hands full, no doubt, with young two young boys in the house, she also plays a major role in the daily operations of Justabouta Ranch.

Teri & youngest son, Westin.

And even at such a tender age, Caleb takes great pride in assisting with the daily chores as well:

Caleb in the middle of a making a "sand angel" for his mom.

Not surprisingly, Teri is extensively well versed in Dale’s training program. This past Wednesday, she relayed to me just how much Dale believes in a consistent maintenance program for his training horses.

This means, Dale has an incredible team of allies comprised of trusted professionals who perform regular dentistry, hoof care and veterinary maintenance for his mounts.

Dale says, “I can’t make a horse look as good as it possibly can be if I don’t have a great maintenance program behind them.

And dentistry work is something Dale is a fanatic about. He regularly has his horses checked every 4-6 months. This is because the Hanley, SK, trainer wants to ensure no baby caps or sharp edges can impede on the training, or cause the horse pain during formative years and formative days in their education.

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