Future Stars

Future Stars coming at'chya from the Cowtown Derby & Stockhorse Show. Pic by Heather Baumgardner.

One of the highlights of the Cowtown Derby & Stockhorse Show held in Claresholm, Alberta this past June 4-6 was the Future Stars class, which featured the young riders of our industry to be.

Jaycee Palmer. Pic by Heather Baumgardner.

Young cowgirls and cowboys jumped aboard some great horses and put them through the paces of modified reined and cow work.

Falyn Thomson. Pic by Heather Pic by Heather Baumgardner.

Of course, all contestants were winners in this class. And their parents rode away with proud smiles.

Hailey Palmer. Pic by Heather Baumgardner.

However society as a whole can benefit from children who are involved with horses. Horses teach kids about responsibility, goals and discipline. They also teach young boys and girls how to assert themselves in this big world. And if you ask me, there’s nothing more adorable than a good-hearted horse cinched up in a saddle with short stirrups.


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