WEG Team Exclusive

Its Wimpys Turn gets ready to head to Kentucky. Photo courtesy of Shawna Sapergia.

There are only 7 days to go before the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky will commence. And I am very happy to report that My Stable Life has secured an exclusive, inside view into the daily adventures of Reining Team Canada as they approach their quest for podium gold!

Officially, the Games begin September 25 and while every day at Kentucky Horse Park promises to be jam-packed with activities, you can bet our team comprised of Duane Latimer (Bienfait, SK / Ardmore, OK), Lisa Coulter (Kelowna, BC / Pilot Point, TX), Shawna Sapergia (Cochrane, AB) and Vernon Sapergia (Cochrane, AB) will be even busier still, strategizing and garnering a game plan. September 25 boasts the Reining event’s Team Competition Parts 1 and 2.

This past September 16, 2010, saw some of our Canadian team horses board the trailer destined for Kentucky and officially kick off the journey to WEG.

The 2 Alberta horses owned by Outrider Ranch, This Chics On Top and Its Wimpys Turn are off!

This Chic’s on Top (better known as Dolly, due to her amazing personality) who will be ridden by Shawna and Its Wimpy’s Turn (barn name, Tundra, reflects the fact that she is just such a big solid girl!) who will be ridden by Vern, headed off to meet up with Dun Playin Tag (or Jake, as he likes to be called) and Western Whiz (Lisa Coulter’s mount) at the Griffin Quarter Horse Facility in Oklahoma.

Rider Vern Sapergia skipped the scenic 35-hour drive and flew to meet up with the horses in Oklahoma, this morning where he will ride and care for the Outrider horses until they leave for Lexington, Kentucky.

Here is Vern at 5:00am this morning. He and Shawna arrived at the airport on time for his flight to Dallas via Minneapolis. Vern will arrive in Dallas at about 4:00 pm, then he will drive 1.5hrs to where the horses are. Pic courtesy of Shawna Sapergia.

Fortunately, the 4 Canadian mounts will have NO IDEA that another 16-hour road trip will be required to get them to the competition site in Lexington Kentucky.

Shawna reports the following:

“I got conformation last night at about 10:00pm that the two mares arrived at Griffin’s ranch safe and sound. It’s now 7:30 am and I’m just home from airport (dropping Dad off.) Now my day can begin which will consist of spending time with my son Alex, trying to get a few things organized around home for our departure next week and ride the 5 other show horses that I am getting ready for the Canadian Supreme.”

Tickets are already sold out for WEG and the number of anticipated reserve ticket sales total 600,000. More than a dozen clinicians will be on hand at the event to show spectators the reins about various horse training aspects and Stacy Westfall, will provide entertainment without reins! With an anticipated economic impact of $150+Million, organizers are saying that the World Equestrian Games are guaranteed to be the biggest party in Kentucky this year.

Stay tuned to My Stable Life for more behind-the-scenes action from our Canadian team!


  1. Go Team Canada! We are all rooting for you back in cold Canada. Hope you and the horses can all adjust to the massive temperature change and show everyone what Canada has to offer in the way of awesome reiners!


  3. liz matheson says

    wow, heh it’s kind of like we are riding along with Shawna and her dad. Thanks for this chance to (sort of.. in our dreams) .. hobnob with the rich and famous..go Canada!!!

  4. Lynne Palumbo says

    Go Canada Go! We will be cheering you on via our computer screens!!

  5. Hi Everyone, We are here in Kentucky, watched the horses warm up late this afternoon. Ready for JOG tomorrow morning — will keep you all posted. Our experience from WEG games in Auchen Germany in 2006 is the JOG is one of the most stressful processes. Horses and Riders know what to do, but if one does not pass for some reason, it can seriously affect the team. Our horses look great so back at you tomorrow.

  6. Go Team Canada! We are proud of you all and are cheering for you! Good Luck and Have Fun! ;)

  7. GO TEAM CANADA, we are all so proud of you. Wow, it does feel like we are there with you. The best of luck and enjoy.