Rodeos, Picture Shows & Pumpkins

It\’s promising to be a fantastic weekend.

Tonight Teenager plays in a volleyball tournament, which is a treat in itself, made all the more sweet with the fact that there is a farmer\’s market across the street from it. I don\’t know about you, but I\’ve been so busy this summer, I\’ve barely had a chance to enjoy our own strawberry and raspberry patch, never mind hit a farmer\’s market and partake in all the local seasonal goods. I\’m totally looking forward to this evening. Shoutin\’ out and stocking up.


Then, on Saturday afternoon, I have the pleasure of attending the Catherine Pearson Charity Rodeo to gasp, grin and just generally cheer on my nephew, David, as he tries his hand at steer riding for his first time ever. He\’s a city kid. Timid, vulnerable, nerdy, a bookworm, pale. You know the type. I\’m very, very afraid for him.

Just kidding, he\’s none of the above. Okay, he can be a bit of a nerd, but I cherish him in spite of it. Mostly, he\’s a freaky fanatic for outdoor sports, and anything extreme. I hope he\’ll be fine. Either way, I\’m catching it on film and I\’ll update ya\’all next week.

Alternatively . . . if you haven\’t any plans, and you\’re anywhere in the vicinity, dust off your boots, and come and join us. It\’s going to be so much fun. And for such a great personal cause close to the Pearson familys\’ hearts. Can\’t wait.

After two crazy days of human contact I would definitely be whipped enough to just to hang out at home by Day Three, but this weekend, I might have to spin those tires down the gravel road one more time, as I only just learned our friend, and fabulous photographer Neville Palmer, along with his friend, and country music recording artist, George Canyon, have collaborated on a unique photography project. I didn\’t even know George Canyon was a photographer, did you? Like, where have I been?

What I do know is Neville is an amazing photographer. He sent this over to remind me.


As if I needed reminding. I met Neville when we contracted him as lead photographer for our 2008 Western Horse Review fashion photo shoot. We found out then how outrageously talented he is.


Another teaser, this one entitled, Wild Horses.

I\’m instructed to let you know these two pieces will be in the exhibition. The photography will be showcased in the form of a picture show at Carlsons On Macleod in High River – a great venue for artists and musicians alike. A final topper – it will be the first time George will show his photography in a public setting and it will be the first time that Neville will be showing a personal project that has been five years in the making. How cool is that? Yeah, I know, I am totally stating the obvious.

If you happen to reside or are spending time in southern Alberta this weekend, be sure to take in one or both of these events. Heck, they are less than two hours apart, so unless you have a horse show and need to compete cause you\’re hunting for a year-end buckle, I really cannot fathom an excuse.

Details and times for the picture show below. Shows are on the hour, as per the timeframes below. Thanks so much for checking in with Screen Doors & Saddles today, I so appreciate that, and have a great weekend.

P.S. Are you diggin\’ the western vintage feel of this poster as much as I am?



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