Canada\’s Greatest Western Town: The Winner!

The votes have been tallied and Canada\’s Greatest Western Town Contest has reached a fitting end (see the entire bracket of towns here), with Old Cowtown . .  aka. . . Maple Creek, Saskatchewan the final winner!

As it happens Wee and I passed through Maple Creek just a few weeks ago.

\"MChorses\" Along with these two.

I love that place. Rifts of country and cowboy woven throughout its streets.


Admittedly, some on the corny side.


Others fun. All pose-able.


We studied some historic black and whites.


Bought an old-time country cookbook with recipes like salted beef and jelly rolls. My mom had these identical cookie cutters. I loved seeing that.


Sat street side. . . .


And visited with passer-bys in the heat of the afternoon. All of whom were so friendly!

Congratulations, Maple Creek, well deserved!

But especially thank-you to everyone who participated. This contest shone a light on so many remarkable western corners of our country, we look forward to covering as many as we can manage in future issues of Western Horse Review. 




13 thoughts on “Canada\’s Greatest Western Town: The Winner!”

  1. Whooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!
    Soooooo Happy for all the hard work on the Down Town Restoration Projects!!!!!
    AND Yayyyyyyyy Royce Pettyjohn for all his diligent work GETTN R DUN !!!!!!
    Thanks to all that voted !!!!!

  2. Ross Furgeson

    Congratulations to my hometown of Maple Creek SK! I am very proud Maple Creek won this contest. A very special big thank you to those on the town’s restoration committees such as Ellaine Hawrylak and Royce Pettyjohn to only name a couple.

  3. Ralph & Doris Bircham

    Maple Creek……the Friendliest Town and the Most Western!! It doesn’t get better than that! Congratulations to all!

  4. Congratulations to Maple Creek! That makes PONOKA the GREATEST WESTERN TOWN IN ALBERTA! We invite you (blog writer) to visit Ponoka too – let us know when you are coming and we will give you a great tour. What was the final tally? After all the voting, we are getting so many inquiries about the results and our town pulled together with a lot of pride during the ongoing voting and results. Thank you for a great contest. It was fun.

  5. Gordon Hunter

    Congratulations to the people of Maple Creek. It takes a lot of work by a lot of people to make the town a great place to live and visit.

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