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We seem to be contest-crazy lately, and this latest is a fabulous once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


And, if you\’re a fan of Jonathan Field (and who isn\’t?) and Recovery EQ, this is one contest practically tailor-made for you.

Whether our horses are our teammates, our best friends, or part of the family, we take the necessary steps to make sure they are as happy and as healthy as possible. For many supplements such as RECOVERY EQ is an important part in making sure our horses perform to the best of their ability.

Designed to unlock your horse’s potential, Recovery EQ aims to provide healthy joints, circulation, and works to help fight tissue damage. This is all achieved through a unique blend of anti-oxidants from foods that have been proven to support cellular health such as green tea, and red grapes.


Seeing the effect Recovery EQ has had on his own horses, proven horseman and trainer Jonathan Field personally vouches for the life changing product. The supplement has allowed him to take his horses down the road and to be confident in the fact that they are healthy and sound enough to make the journey.


Now, we want to hear what Recovery EQ has done for you and your horse!  In the comment section below, please tell us about the positive effects this supplement has had on your animal in 200 words or less.

The best story will receive two VIP tickets to the Jonathan Field and Friends International Horsemanship Education Conference in September!


Total value for this prize is $520, so get to pennin\’ about your success with this fab product.

Small print: The contest will run until August 20, 2014 and the winner will be announced the following day. Prize does not include transportation to the venue. Winner must agree to have their story published in a future issue of Western Horse Review.


7 thoughts on “Jonathan Field Giveaway”

  1. My family and I purchased a gelding off of a pack string. He was a sweet little paint that we called JD. We were told that he was 15 and had lots of life left in him but his swollen joints and lack of muscle in his hind quarters told a different story.

    JD had worked all his life and his body was paying for I now. His biggest problem occurred when he would lay down, because he was always unable to get up without the encouragement or assistance of someone else. It wouldn’t be a huge problem if he didn’t lay down ALL the time, but his body was clearly hurting him so he had no choice.

    We started supplementing JD with Recovery EQ at the beginning of the winter. Within a few short weeks that horse was trotting around his pen with more energy than he had ever had while being with us (he would never go above a walk). The size of his joints decreased and he was an all around healthier more energetic horse. Recovery EQ gave JD his quality of life back in his last little while of being with us. We only wish we had known how great it was sooner!

  2. Hi my name is Emma Sager I’m 13 and always had a love for horses! My parents aren’t *horse people*but my nana has seen my passion for horses ever since I was 3 and she’s always been a horse lover too! 🙂 nana and papa live on a farm so nana took me to Sales and we bought a 2 horses and took them to her farm the only thing is she lives 2 hours away :/ I try to spend all my holidays there my nana has taught me lots over the years then she bought me a welsh quater horse that was abused we did lots of work with her,her name is candy she was afraid of… Everything! Today she is the best horse you could ever have and guess what she is mine! I love my nana so much she made all my dreams come true I would love to win this prize for my nana/your ticket to your show. Thank you so much :). Love you nana 🙂

  3. I haven’t used recovery eq with any of my horses. I wanted to chime in and say how much I’m looking forward to this event. Clinics attended with Jonathon a are always so valuable. With this line up of trainers I’m very excited

  4. Mary Ellen Lickfold

    I first saw JF at The Mane Event in Red Deer 5 years ago. He was doing a demonstration with his gorgeous horse Quincy. That horse loved JF so much I just had to know how JF did it! I started watching/spectator at clinics and the Mane Event and looked up every video I could on JF. I decided to make it my goal to attend clinics with my horse – the saving began! Once I saw that I needed a level one clinic with my horse to attend a camp – another goal (bucket list!). In the interim, I had some vehicle accidents which left me physically ill and I had to start riding all over again.
    May of 2013 I got to attend the level one clinic and it has been a whirlwind ever since! Level one, then level 2, then my first camp this July and I am signed up for level 2/3 this fall!
    JF shared with us this past May, the Recovery EQ he is using on his horses and even taking himself after an injury. My mare’s back legs snap and of course I am a physical mess still, but getting better…I decided why not? If it is working for JF, then why not me and my horse? After all, we need to keep in shape for future clinics and camps!
    My mare is better – not always snapping in the back legs and I have way more energy since starting the Recovery – I sleep better due to less pain = more energy!
    Thanks JF for sharing your horse knowledge AND Recovery!

  5. Peggy Steffen

    I have been using Recovery EQ Extra Strength for over 3 years on my 12 year APHA gelding.. He has arthritis in his back knees.. He started at about the age of 8 stumbling in the hind end when loping.. Knees just couldn’t take it anymore.. He had a hard time even walking and was really stiff. So I quite riding him until I read about Recovery and said I will give it a try. After he was on it for about 4 months he was moving easier and started to run and play in the pasture with the other horses. My daughter now rides him and he has been to the Cypress Hills and also has been on a 10 day trail ride.. My farrier says he moves like a young horse again. He has even been to a few gymkhanas, running the barrels and poles.. I love what it has done for him as he is a total different horse who enjoys his job now.. I purchase the 11 lb pails of it. Would love to attend the JF and Friends in Calgary..

  6. Trish Bradley

    I have a 14 yr old palomino mare that injured her stifle just over a year ago. I got her as a rescue horse that had been badly over fed as a foal. This horse will never be completely sound. I have tried everything from stall rest to chiropractic to injected joint supplements. I have had xrays, lameness evaluations and a number of veterinarians consult on her condition.
    I started on Recovery EX about 4 months ago and I am finally seeing some real improvement. I believe if I continue on Recovery EX and light exercise my mare will become comfortable enough to ride again. I would love to see Jonathan Field and this clinic. I have seen him once and learned so much for just watching, he is a wonderful teacher and a fantastic horseman.
    Thank you Trish Bradley

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