Glenn Stewart Recaps Road to Horse


Still buzzing from his recent experience at the Road to the Horse training competition, Team Canada’s Glenn Stewart says the show was about sticking to his plan and staying true to his training style. The March 9th to 11th competition in Murfreesboro, Tenn. took US, Australian and Canadian Team members through various nail biting horse training challenges, on their quest for $10,000 cash, prizes and bragging rights.

For this Northern BC cowboy, the event was a huge performance spectacle, filled with blazingly intense moments.

“The point of the competition, is showing good horsemanship,” says Stewart.

His 15 hand high, three year old from the Four Sixes Ranch of Guthrie, Texas, threw in some curve balls for him to start with. However the pair completed the show with a roaring crowd, giving a standing ovation.


“He went fantastic, but he was a bit of a toughie. He bucked quite a bit and finally came out of it by the third day. He had a lot of gas, so I had to get that under control. I felt if he wasn’t with me, there is no point pushing him.”

Stewart says he admired this horse’s spunk and is very happy with how he panned out. Going into though the competition, he wanted to finish leaving his horse with no holes in its’ training.

With 8000 pairs of eyes in the audience watching, he says the pressure to go off course with your methods was huge. The size of the show was astronomical for Stewart and it proved to be a powerful experience.

“The biggest surprise, was the size of the event. I had no idea it was such a big deal. There was a really receptive crowd. A once and a lifetime experience.”


At the beginning of the Producer Tootie Bland, gave the all competitors an option of switching horses to gain a 40 point advantage. Stewart and fellow teammate Johnathan Field, were the only team to take the deal and traded out their horses.

Besides the switch up, Team Australia took top spot in the showdown and the US team cinched second place. Stewart says it was a lot of fun and feels his horse worked out surprisingly well in the end.


3 thoughts on “Glenn Stewart Recaps Road to Horse”

  1. I think Team Canada did us proud. We sent two of our best to this event and I’m sure they won lots of hearts.

  2. I agree with Glenn this was a once in a lifetime experience. My husband and I travelled from Australia to the Road to the Horse and had a fantastic time. We obviously were pro Team Australia but found all the clinicians very professional and learnt something from evry one of them. So lucky to have exposure to 6 professionals in one place at the same time. Well worth the flight. Hope you wear the Aussie cap we gave you Glenn and think of Australia, you did an awesome job. See you here sometime??

  3. Christine Weller

    I’ve just finished watching the DVD of Road to the Horse, 2012
    I was so impressed with Glen Stewart’s performance.
    His selected horse was indeed very athletic, and at times seemed beside himself with anxiety. But in the end it appeared to me that the only thing that got them both through the last sequence, was that the horse trusted Glen and despite the anxiety, he gave him everything he could muster.
    As Glen says, he stuck to his method of training (despite the pressures of time) and he did it all in a bosal, not so unlike the halter he had used during the initial training.
    It took a real solid faith in his training method, that enabled Glen to resist the urging of the crowd to speed things up – because the horse was not ready. But it paid off.
    Real proud of you Canadian boys!

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