Cavalia in Calgary

Two days ago, our editorial intern, Jesseca Johanson, attended the media preview of Cavalia. Here\’s her review of this stunning show.

Once you witness the spectacle that is Cavalia, you will want to run away and join them.


This is no cheap three ring circus, which makes it really hard to sum this experience up into words. If you love horses, you love the show. If you love acrobats and feats of skill and intense training, you will love the show. If you have a fine taste for story telling and music, you will love the show.

Not to mention the sight of their impressive big top – enough to send shivers down you spine. As I approached with my media invitation, I thought to myself, “anything with a set-up like that has got to be good!”

We went through a dining tent to get to the stage, beautifully and artistically designed. The walkway is made with striking black and white images of the horses and their riders. More shivers!


Once the show begins, a spectator is enraptured. It is addicting and you will wish it never ends. The big grey stallions who stand perfectly still as acrobats on wires leap over them, back and forth. The roman riding, teams careening four over a pole held by acrobats.

For me at least, the greatest of all was the Grande Liberte with Sylvia Zerbini and her eight horses. She speaks to them constantly, using hand signals and words to instruct the free running group. Every moment there is a smile on her face as she watches the horses perform around her.


These performers are amazing.  They are always playing the part, they are totally enveloped in the story. The men on horseback watch with what could only be love and longing as their women spin around in the air above them.


Be prepared to laugh, cry, and honestly, be amazed. If you are like me, the image of a horse on cascading sand was enough to make me sob like a baby, \”it\’s so beautiful!\” There will also be moments where you think, did he really do that? Then the trick riders will come streaking across the stage hanging onto the saddle by a hook or a hand, whooping and hollering, soon you will be too.

Cavalia is contagious.

A special thanks to Phil and Sherry Menard, otherwise known as PS Video, for sharing these lovely shots of the show.


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