2011 Rope N Run



Pam Evenson is one busy lady.  Give her a call and her answering machine announces that you have reached the office of Gamache Trucking, Crooked Horn Ranch, Rope N Run Events and the home of Chad, Pamela, Cassidy and Brayden Evenson.

For the third year in a row, Evenson has undertaken the intimidating job of putting on the ROPE N RUN, a three day event held April 29th, 30th and May 1st at the Mount Paul Centre (KXA) in Kamloops, BC.  The 2011 event featured Team Roping, Breakaway Roping, Ranch Horse Competition and Barrel Racing in conjunction with the Horse Sale.


Evenson said the number of barrel racing entries were up from 2010, with a total of 347 runs for the weekend.  When asked how many hours it took to pull this three day event together, Evenson replied, “A lot!  I didn’t keep track.  There were three of us and we started working on it in December.”


The inspiration for the ROPE N RUN came about when rodeo announcer, auctioneer and businessman, Tim Terepocki, approached Chad and Pam Evenson with the idea of having a horse sale.  Evenson felt that a horse sale alone would not bring in a lot of people but by incorporating the sale with Team Roping and Barrel Racing events, people would come.

To get the job done and survive, Evenson has learned to delegate.  This year, Lisa Whitman acted as manager for the Barrel Racing.  They used the Barrel Race America software to speed things up and maintain accuracy.  Evenson insisted on proper care and maintenance of the ground and said it was excellent this year. “If you have good ground, people will come back.  We wanted this to be a family event and I think we have succeeded with that.”

Evenson felt that the Ranch Horse Competition was popular with people.  “The high selling horses were the ones who placed well in this competition.  Buyers wanted the aged geldings with ranch experience, a horse they could take home, saddle up and ride.”


Saturday’s Open 1D winner was Kelle Noble riding Ace running a time of 17.793 to win $676.00.  Janet Cunningham and her horse, Zipper, put in the fast time of the weekend, 17.630, to win Sunday’s Open 1D and fatten up her wallet with $693.00.

Kelli Mackenzie won Saturday’s Junior 1D, running a 18.468 on her horse, Amy, to win $77.00.  Tosha Seitz was the Junior 1D winner on Sunday with a time of 18.396 on her horse Sarge, winning $172.00.

Saturday’s Senior 1D winner was Cindy Mussel riding Goldie.  Cindy clocked a time of 18.202 to win $87.00.  Sandra Thomas riding Starz Six put in the winning time of 18.213, placing her first in the Senior 1D on Sunday and earning her $129.00.

Peewee Harley Antoine, riding her horse Jolee won the 1D on Saturday and Sunday.  Harley ran times of 20.914 and 19.967, earning her $230.00 for the weekend.

Evenson says she enjoyed the good atmosphere this year and has plans in mind for the 2012 ROPE N RUN EVENTS, even though she considers herself crazy for adding anything else to her already full schedule.  I say, “Crazy is good”.


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