Cowboy Candy


Candy is quickly becoming one of the greatest obsessions for dinner party hosts. No need to bake or create – just simply throw an assortment of sweets out there for guests to pick and choose. Here are a few special sweets tailored perfectly for cowboys an’ cowgirls.

1. My Idol Pops – these unique western suckers come in flavors of green apple, cotton candy, marshmallow and orange vanilla – all deliciously candied into the shapes of cowboy hats, cow skulls, boots and horse heads. $2.35 each.

2. Scorpion Sucker – With a real scorpion centered inside, this outrageous confection is a definite conversation starter. Apple, banana, blueberry and strawberry flavored. Only for the toughest cowboys and cowgirls! $3.99 each.

3. Round Up Candy – With tips daubed in red to make them look lit, these chalky candy sticks are designed to resemble real cigarettes. And with packaging that looks like a cigarette carton with a working vaquero on the front, they imply that only real cowboys smoke them. Use your own discretion when giving to kids, but since these candies have been around since the 1950’s, Round Ups are likely a nostalgic candy for parents. $0.99.

4. Candy Sticks – Barber stick candy may not imply horses per se, but nothing conjures up images of an old western general store better than hard candy sticks in a mason jar display. Ranging in flavors from Root Beer, to banana, to strawberry daiquiri, wintergreen, blueberry and more, these old fashioned candies are sweet treats for riders of any age. $0.75 each.

5. Pez Woody & Cowgirl Jesse – PEZ goodies are truly the “interactive candy” and are as fun to play with as they are to eat. Dispensers molded as Woody and Jessie the Yodeling cowgirl (from Toy Story 3), these figurines are sure to be hot collectables in the future. $3.99 each.

6. Udderfingers – Sticks of butter almond toffee smothered in rich milk chocolate and perfect for the little cowpoke in your life. But just a warning – these chocolate delights are so sinfully divine, you won’t want anyone else to see them first! $4.99 each.

7. Sour Gecko – For any horsey folk who winter in Arizona, this sour gummy candy will hit home. Individually wrapped rainbow geckos are fun reminders of the desert for kids. $0.40 each.


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