WPRA Tour a Part of the Stampede


The Calgary Stampede and the Women\’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) Just released on May 24, the WPRA is introducing a new WPRA Qualifying Tour for the Calgary Stampede that begins this year. This means the Ladies Barrel Racing event at the Calgary Stampede will be now a fully approved and sanctioned event for the WPRA, allowing competitors to earn valuable world standing dollars while competing in Calgary.

As mentioned in the Stampede’s press release,  “The Calgary Stampede is one of the greatest professional rodeos and we are excited to once again have an approved WPRA barrel race with them” said WPRA President Jimmie Munroe. “The Board has been working for several weeks building a plan to insure as many opportunities as possible for our card members to qualify into Calgary’s 20 positions.”

The Stampede and the WPRA mention their goal is to provide more opportunities for professional barrel racers to qualify for entry into Calgary (and possibly other limited entry rodeos), the WPRA Board has created the WPRA Qualifying Tour as another way for card members to earn a seat into many great rodeos.

All the information on this WPRA Qualifying Tour can be found on their website.


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