Father\’s Day Giveaway!


Father\’s Day is just around the corner – this Sunday to be exact! Picking out the perfect Father\’s Day gift is not my forte, sadly. My hubby is flawless when it comes to choosing thoughtful gifts. Me, not so much.

So I figure this year, I\’m going to work on it a little harder. Gonna find the perfect gift.

And in my quest for the ideal present, I came across a few other random (but cool) Father\’s Day related links. Check them out below:

This picture of a girl about to go out surfing with her father. Wearing his cowboy hat. Not sure where it comes from but since I have a love affair with the ocean, I just thought it was kind of awesome:


Next is this interesting read in The New York Times called Why Fathers Really Matter. Since both my husband and I fall into that interesting demographic of \”older parents,\” I find articles like this intriguing. If you have a few minutes, it might be worth a read.

Then I came across this Cowboy cooler. How many of the Father figures in your life wouldn\’t love to have this in the barn? A very cool way to spruce up a cooler with old pallet wood, made by Sawmill Creek.


When it comes to manly food, you can\’t go wrong with bacon. Bacon. In a Jar. On the Shelf is guest post we ran on My Stable Life, contributed by Memories of Home. Surely the Father in your house wouldn\’t mind a year\’s supply?


Have you heard about Dick and Rick Hoyt? If you\’re a runner, you probably have. This is possibly one of the best  inspirational father / son stories of all-time. Check out the video at Dick & Rick Hoyt. But just a word of warning – you\’ll want to have some Kleenex nearby!

Then, here\’s an easy make-at-home gift with the right amount of wit. This idea was found at Sassy Dealz.


If your cowboy is in an office by day, perhaps you\’ll want to try your hand at this awesome DIY gift:


Shrink a picture of your child and there you have it! A tie pin like no other. Instructions for making this great gift can be found at Oh Happy Day.

And how brilliant is the new Calgary Stampede campaign, What Kind of Champion Are You?? With a plaid couple and more specifically – a baby-wearing Dad – focused at the forefront of the Stampede\’s newest YouTube promo video, I had to take a look.  I wasn\’t disappointed.

But, I\’m saving the best for last! If you\’re in need of a perfect Father\’s Day gift, have I got a giveaway for you!


Compliments of our friends at K&K Livestock comes this Jeremiah Watt bit, Sagebrush series with flame engraving. Valued at $120 and featuring custom saddlemaker Jeremiah Watt\’s signature style engraving, this bit is designed for years of beauty and function. The stainless steel design features a 5\” chain mouth with port and 7-3/4\” cheeks with flame engraving.

If you\’d like to win it for the Cowboy Dad in your crew, just send me your favourite picture of your Dad or grandfather, or even a male you believe is a great example and a hero of the Western culture. Email it to me at [email protected] You don\’t have to write a lot, if you don\’t want to – just mention the person and send us your name. All entries will automatically be entered. Entries close on June 14 at 8 pm. The randomly drawn winner will be revealed on Father\’s Day. Good luck!


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