Fruity Summer Ice Pop


July is a perfect time to stock up on beautiful fruits from Farmer\’s Markets or road-side fruit stands. But what do you do when that fruit is at risk of expiring before you can eat it all? Here\’s a healthy way to turn produce into a fun summer ice pop.


• Strawberries, blueberries, orange slices, cherries (basically whatever fruit pieces you want to use in the pops.)

• 1 can of frozen juice concentrate

• water


Start by washing all your fruit and cutting it up into small pieces. Layer the pieces in a popsicle container.


Mix up the frozen juice as directed on the label into a pitcher. Once your fruit pieces have been put into each individual popsicle section, fill each up with juice. Lime, pink lemonade and apple flavors provide a nice base for your popsicle.


Freeze overnight. Serve on a hot day. Enjoy!



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