Gettin\’ Chilly



In anticipation of the chilly weather, my husband made sure all our pastures were restocked with good quality round bales just prior to this cold snap setting in.

In support of his great work, I watched.

From inside our cozy dining room.

In my pajamas.

\"\"Clay\’s assistant, Cory, kept the stud colts at bay.

And, in case you\’re interested about how a round bale is placed inside a giant, heavy feeder – this is how it\’s done:

\"\"Clay operates the tractor.

\"\"Using the bale spike attachment, he positions the bale upright.


Then he removes the spike and Cory sets to work removing the bale\’s netting.


\"\"Even on Sunday, it was still pretty cold outside.


Here\’s Cory, removing more netting…

\"\"Then Clay positions the bale spikes precisely where he needs them, at the top of the bale feeder and in preparation for lift off.



The feeder is carefully placed over top of the round bale:

\"\"And Voilà!! The feeder is lowered and the job is done.

\"\"And just in case you were wondering ladies, Yes, Cory is single.



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