Marketing Mondays: Kickstarting 2012

This photo has nothing to do with marketing. It\’s just soothing me right at the moment.

\"\"I snapped it several years ago at one of my favorite locations in the world – Key West, Florida. For 10 days that beach was mine. I owned that hammock. Life was calm. Warm. And, simple. Man, I miss that beach right now.

For here, in my neck of the woods, its -30°C out this morning. I suppose it is a variant sort of simple. A different kind of calm. A tougher form of cozy.

It might be an excellent day to stay inside and work on marketing.

In March of 2011, I kicked off a Marketing Mondays  series on this blog. Before we delve into the 2012 year, here\’s highlights of 2011:

• We began with a look at Social Media. I shared some of my favorite social media sites and a video which really explains why any marketing program should eventual plan to include a social media aspect. Here\’s the slideshow again:

• We talked about the great marketer, Patti Colbert and her visionary Extreme Mustang Makeover and Road to the Horse. Her latest,  Project Cowboy, a television reality show, focusing on a search for “The Great American Horseman,”shows signs of the same genius as its predecessors.

• I spelled out Seven Tried and True All Time Basics of a Good Print Advertisement.  

• For those of you maintaining a website (and who isn\’t these days?), I let you in on a great tool to analyze your website – the Website Grader, and walked you through my favorite Google Map locator tool, Pin In The Map. 

• We shared Four Signs That Your Marketing Program is Working. 

• We delved into the world of Twitter, sharing some basics such as how to sign up, garnering the all-important followers and links for Great Tweeting Tips.  In a second post, I explained the Meaning of Four Twitter Symbols and When to Use Them, and shared the links tool.

• For Facebook, I shared 10 Ways Western Horse Review Utilizes it\’s Facebook Page, as well as insider information on the changes Facebook instigated last autumn, and finally, offered up 10  10 Simple Tips and Tricks to Get Your Timeline Groove On.

• Finally, we discussed the Difference Between Print and Online Media, and why it\’s all important that you don\’t leave the former out of your marketing program.

There you have it. Some of the highlights of the 2011 Marketing Mondays series. Please let me know what you\’d like to have covered for the 2012 year. Comment in the section below, or e-mail me directly at [email protected].

Here\’s to a successful 2012 marketing year!



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