Growing a Little Country


Meet John Moore. He lives a few miles from me. Through the family-owned William Moore Farms, he has continued a 100 year tradition of farming, with a bit of modern twist. A few years ago he launched Pure Prairie Ornamental Grasses – marketing seed varieties, which are normally considered crop seeds, as garden and flower bed seeds.


The result has been spectacular for flower beds across a country and urban backdrop. Who knew poppies and wheat grass would flow so poetically?






I love this tribute to our agricultural heritage in the form of beautiful grasses.









I use the seeds in different beds and gardens in my yard every year. They pop up so beautifully amongst the flowers, they always make me feel like a bit of an artist. As if I\’d planned the canvas. This is not my flowerbed, by the way, it\’s John\’s. Lovely, isn\’t it?

One of my favorite writers is Roger Ebert, and I often check in on his site for inspiration and obviously, excellent movie reviews. He proses in a recent post, “We all occupy our own box of space and time. We have our memories and no one else\’s. We live one life, accumulating it in our minds as we go along.”


So it is. My memory knows a house similar to this, with the grasses swaying against it, tickling my legs as I launch a leap across them, so much more than it will ever know a manicured lawn.


My childhood daydreams are evoked with this. The view from the warm and hard prairie ground looking up at the vast skies.


My winter views filled with these symphonies of life outside my window.


Chilly late October nights, running through fields like these with my friends, and our limitless energy.


Thanks John, for bringing us these beautiful heritage seeds. I look forward to planting them every spring. Beyond their modern beauty, they remind me a little bit of the circle of my life. I like it.


See all the varieties of John\’s Pure Prairie Ornamental Seeds at his website.

To celebrate the planting season, I\’m giving away three sets of Ornamental seeds. All you have to do to enter the contest is let me know in the comment section below which ornamental grass you\’d like to try out sometime.

Contest closes this Friday, May 27th, we\’ll do a random draw after, and results will be posted shortly thereafter.


11 thoughts on “Growing a Little Country”

  1. Oh my, choosing is difficult, they are all so beautiful. Since I don’t care for anything too “manicured” (one look at my hands and you would agree) … I would like to try package #3, with the blackbeard wheat, millet and flax combo. A farm girl at heart, and hopefully for life.

  2. I used to operate a commercial greenhouse–and from experience–we all LOVE the look of these great grasses. Anything Millet was the first gone !
    John –is definitely on to something ! .
    I love foliage plants so would love anyone of them. If I had to pick just one to try ‘Black Bearded Wheat’ would be my choice.

  3. I would love to plant package 2. We have recently done alot of work in our backyard but are trying to keep a bit of a rustic theme. I think the flax would look beautiful against our barnwood accents!

  4. i like them all a lot! I like them especially bc it attracts birds & and because farm yards tend to be sooo big that most of the time anything you plant gets lost in space.

  5. The grasses would be a great addition to our yard as it consists of 10 acres to mow and look after, so I am always finding ways to help cut down the work load but have a beautiful yard besides!

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