Happy Mother\’s Day!


This is my Mom. Naturally, I always spend some time

thinking about her on Mother\’s Day.

Sadly, she\’s not with us anymore.

I\’ve always loved this photo of her.

I don\’t remember that she particularly liked horses.

She might have even been a bit afraid of them.

But, somehow she grew a horse-crazy daughter. Me.

And I grew two.

This one.


And this one.


Mad as hatters about horses, both of them.

When they grow up, they\’ll probably grow one or two more.

And, that\’s the way the western horse world works, folks.

Now, go forth and grow your own.

That\’s my Mother\’s Day message to you.

Goodness knows, the horse world needs more of these.

Go ahead.

Jenn? Clay? You listenin\’?

I\’ve done my share.


Whatcha waitin\’ for?


By the way, I did grow a son as well. I\’m waiting for him to trade this in for a horse.

The odds are not with me.

Well, maybe he\’ll marry one.

A horse-crazy girl I mean.

I\’ve heard of such incidents.


And finally, in case you were wondering, yep, this is me.



I know. The white fringe thing is so over.

But this picture was taken a few months ago.


Hope you enjoyed the read.

And whether it\’s a child, foal, pup, kitty, or glass of fine wine you\’re nursing today,

have a wonderful Mother\’s Day!


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