It\’s About the Journey, Mom

I MUST let you know, if you haven\’t already heard, and if you happen to be wondering why Jenn of My Stable Life hasn\’t posted for the past couple of days, it is because she was busy birthing her babies!

Yes, two wonderful, sweet, adorable, gorgeous babies, I might add.

Congratulations Clay and Jenn! Eight weeks early, but I\’m happy to report babies and Mom are doing fine.

We can\’t wait to see the next post on My Stable Life, but in the meantime, I think we might have to give her a couple of days off.

A few weeks ago, we were in Arizona, enjoying the warm weather, and spring riding in the desert.


Each morning, Wee donned her riding boots and helmet and walked next door to a beautiful Arabian ranch for her riding lesson.

Note to my Saskatchewan friends: I cannot account for the t-shirt this child is wearing. This photo just reminded me of it, and I\’m searching through dirty laundry for it as I type. I think the kid hid it.


During this set of lessons, Wee rode English, and made the leap from trot to lope on her good mentor, Colleen.

I think I\’ve already related how I love Colleen. All horses have an inner beauty, but some are particularly kind to children, aren\’t they.


In between lessons, I chatted with Wee\’s instructor, Alicia, and we agreed it would be great to time our next visit to Arizona prior to a schooling show, so Wee could finally (in my mind), show Colleen.

Great idea!

I related the plan to Wee. Clearly, she was not nearly as excited as I. The conversation went something like this:

\”Wee, wouldn\’t you like to show Colleen sometime?\”

\”Um, yeah, sure, I guess.\”

\”Wee, I just don\’t want you to get bored with just lessoning. Wouldn\’t you like to move on? Wouldn\’t you like to have A GOAL?\”

\”Well, I guess. But, Mum, I just really like my lessons.\”

It hadn\’t occurred to me that riding every morning with Alicia is all Wee really wants right now. Later, when Alicia related to me that with each visit Wee was coming out of her shell, chatting more, telling jokes, and even lightly teasing Alicia and playing small practical jokes, I realized Wee was moving on, in her own way. While I wasn\’t paying attention, Wee was developing her relationship with both Colleen and Alicia. Apparently, it wasn\’t all diagonals and round and round.

That, combined with Alicia\’s regular praises of a job well done, as Wee\’s riding improved, made her happy as a clam.


I done believe I got a little insight from a little kid that day.


Naturally, none of this would have transpired, were it not for Alicia, a wonderful, talented coach, who has had a beautiful influence on Wee. And, we can find her right next door. As opposed to 50 miles away. I think I\’ve died and gone to heaven.

On her final two days, after each lesson, Alicia allowed Wee to take Colleen on a short trail ride along a cleared path through the property.


By the way, if you\’re wondering, Colleen is a gaited horse breed, mixed with Arabian. She\’s wonderful. I love her. Did I say that already?


I followed along to take photos, while Wee pointed out the unique flora and fauna of the Sonoran desert, an environment we have both become enchanted with.


The brush Colleen and Wee appear to be bursting out of is called Cat\’s Claw, I believe. It\’s a serious plant. Ask my jeans, they\’ve been cat-claw distressed.


I love how little kids dismount. Little legs and dangling feet.


\”We\’re back, Alicia.\”


Till next time, Colleen, so long. . .

Thanks for checking into Screen Doors & Saddles today, and have a wonderful weekend!


3 thoughts on “It\’s About the Journey, Mom”

  1. Ingrid,
    It is such a wonderful article. Wee has grown so much since her last visit. What a sweet girl who loves riding Colleen. Colleen has helped so many riders and she is very good what she does. Most of riders are competing at Carousel Show this weekend. I hope Wee could join them next year.

    You must be wondering who is Miho. I’m the Japanese lady owns Pepper, gray gelding, at Rio. I’m a Scottsdale Riding Club alumni. I took Alicia’s saddle seat lessons 1.5 years and found love in Dressage. I hope I’ll see you guys very soon.

  2. Melissa Sword

    Wonderful! I totally understand! I gently urged my granddaughter forward with her riding but she insisted on going her own pace and in the longrun, that is what made her happy.

  3. We are a family of care-givers, teachers and horse-lovers! My niece Alica has focused upon expertise in all three areas since her youth. I remember that I asked her as a wee girl what she wanted to be…I thought she said “teach writing” which I thought was odd since I didn’t know she like to write; of course, what she really said was to “teach riding”. Teaching riding and the corresponding responsibilities associated with caring for animals are both a vocation and and avocation for her. Thank-you for sharing.

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