WPCA Supports the Calgary Stampede

On February 23, 2011 the Calgary Stampede announced important rule changes for the Rangeland Derby. They worked together with the World Professional Chuckwagon Association officials to come up with changes that would maintain the integrity of the sport while going the extra mile to protect the athletes (human and equine) that make Chuckwagon Racing so exciting.

The WPCA Officers and Directors agree with the proposed rule changes. The most controversial rule changes was moving from four to two outriders per team. This rule is not new to the WPCA, with 37 of our 43 race days out of the Calgary Stampede already being run with two outriders.

WPCA President Pat Powell, fully supports the move, “Not only do we agree from a safety standpoint, but this is an opportunity to showcase a consistently throughout our race season,” explained Powell, adding, “We will honour our commitments to the Calgary Stampede by providing the best wagons and outriders this sport has to offer.”

The 2011 WPCA Dodge Pro Tour begins in Grande Prairie on May 25. Drivers and outriders will be gunning to secure their spot at the greatest outdoor show on earth, the Calgary Stampede, which begins July 8.


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