Likes of the Week

I posted this on the Western Horse Review Facebook page this morning.

It just never gets old, does it?

Eleven years ago today I stood in front of a flat screen in our home in the city, holding a baby girl and wept with the worry of what sort of world I had brought her into. I don\’t believe I\’ll ever forget the despair in my heart that day. A year later we moved to the country, and my own rural upbringing came full circle as my children came to grow – each into their own individualistic style of country-love.

Last week that little baby girl of mine worked cows for her third or fourth time. My heart leapt to my throat and pretty much stayed there for the entire lesson. But, she did alright. We\’re lucky, we have a trainer who, though in the thick of all the pressure that is futurity season still takes time to help her every time she comes for \”class.\” And, a friend who trusted us with her good old horse, allowing Wee the opportunity to try on the sport this year.

On the surface, these may seem like small efforts, but they are so important, when we\’re collectively trying to grow, or maintain a sport. Every bit lends itself to boosting one more seat

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