Little Hands


It seems I am somewhat oblivious to the outside world these days. I'm sure you can guess why.

Every morning I walk into the Regina General NICU and my heart completely skips a beat when I look into the faces of our children. Our twins are now 35-weeks-old and thriving well under the care of eagle-eyed nurses and neonatal doctors.

As I reflect on the past 3 weeks, I can hardly believe how far we've come. The Regina General NICU was once a place and source of major stress for me, and other parents I'm sure. But now I realize how many lives the NICU saves. Some days are still difficult and even though our twins are not out of the woods yet, I absolutely can't wait to get to the hospital each day. With each passing day, more tubes are removed from our babies' bodies. More weight is gained. And more and more, our son and daughter are developing their personalities.

What truly amazes me is how they have totally set me free. I have found a new person inside of me. I suppose it's something many people told me about as Clay and I were preparing to become parents. But I didn't really \”get it\” back then.

I do now.

Which is why it's pretty understandable why I've been a little oblivious… Today I walked past the hospital gift shop and was stunned when I read the Regina Leader Post headlines, \”Saskatchewan to add staff to deal with moms and babies needing out-of-province care…\”

Even if I've been completely consumed with what goes inside the NICU these days, I am definitely not blind to the truth. In my opinion, currently the Regina General neonatal unit IS so full of babies that it's no wonder moms and babies are having to be shipped out to other cities. I myself, almost became one of those moms. Thankfully, the NICU in Regina made room for us and we have been blessed with very attentive staff at a very crucial time in our lives as a young family.


Meanwhile, foals #2 and #3 have also been born. Clay is preparing to go to his first show of the season this coming weekend. And the training and farm life continues as it should. Life in Saskatchewan is good.

'Till next time!

– JW


5 thoughts on “Little Hands”

  1. I am so glad for you and your family. Your stories bring happy tears to my family and I.

  2. Phil & Sherry

    Clay told me that your little boy Braxton might be able to check out his digs at home this weekend!! That was great to hear!!

  3. Phil & Sherry

    Time flies……………I cant believe the babies are “35” weeks old….or do you mean since conception????? We may be looking at a photo opt in late June…??…

  4. Lorraine Gilchrist

    Jenn & Clay
    So glad to hear the twins are doing so well, cant wait to see them at their first show.


  5. Cathy Zuback

    Congratulations on the arrival of one of each!! Yahoo! 🙂 Very happy for both of you and wishing you loads of joy with your two little buckaroos! From the artistic medic in the bush in B.C.

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