Northlands Performance Horse Sale


Twenty six horses were up for sale at the 2011 Northlands Performance Horse Sale, held last weekend at the Farm and Ranch Show at Northlands, Edmonton, Alberta.

The high seller was a palomino gelding, ZBAR Eazymovin Chex, consigned by ZBAR Performance Quarter Horses, Bluffton, AB, and selling to Jim, Kelts, Millarville, AB. Reserve high seller a brown gelding named 100, consigned by Get-R-Done Horse Training, Barrhead, AB and sold to Daniel Kaiser, Breton, AB.

Sale average was $4,035.00

Here are the results:

  1. Rosie’s Smart Pistol                                    Scratched
  2. Weavers Heaven Too                                  Scratched
  3. Badgers Lil Spark                                         Scratched
  4. Major Bucks to Cash                                    $3,400
  5. Especially Smart Dolly                                No Sale
  6. Gayla High Roller                                        No Sale
  7. Leanna Six                                                     No Sale
  8. 100                                                                  $6,750
  9. Kings Pistolero                                             No Sale
  10. Maxs Prize Nightstar                                   Scratched
  11. Chex Magic Time                                         $2,900
  12. Lenas Lil Legend                                        $5,000
  13. Sonatas Dash                                               $2,300
  14. Fiddle Doc Durango                                    $2,100
  15. Pines Frosted Doll                                       $4,300
  16. Z-Bar Smarty Pine                                       $2,900
  17. BR                                                                     $3,200
  18. CN Shadows in the Moon                           $2,700
  19. Hook                                                               Scratched
  20. Gayla Wickeds Josie                                   No Sale
  21. A Handy Cowboy                                        $4,100
  22. Kits Banjo Bar                                               Scratched
  23. Z Bar Easy Movin Chex                              $6,800
  24. Bay Twist Smarts                                          $3,250
  25. Bar Silver Deck                                             $6,500
  26. Star War Hickory                                          Scratched

10A. Corb                                                                  $5,750

22A – Jim                                                               $2,900


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