May In Photos


May was an awesome month. With the promise of warmer weather on the way, our family took to the spring days like bears thankful to be out of hibernation.

May was also an absolute whirlwind. It began with a clinic hosted by my husband and at our ranch with Teddy Robinson, a legendary working cow horse World Champion. A number of people took Ted\’s instruction in over the three-day period to better their boxing and fence skills. My house started (somewhat) clean. I gave up on Day 3.

I also learned how truly expensive cattle are right now.


The kids and I got a chance to meet 2014 Road to the Horse World Champion Jimmy Anderson\’s new partner, \”Smoky.\” Thanks Dainya Sapergia Western Lifestyle Photography for snapping this shot!


Then our dear friends, the Hickey family, took us on an impromptu tour of Calgary\’s newest fire station. Pictured below is Tyler, Baby Saydee and Jen Hickey. Tyler serves on the Calgary Fire Department and you might also recognize Jen as one of the Santangelos – the family who works tirelessly nearly every weekend of the year to host western competition events at their Silver Slate Arena.

My kids had a brilliant chance to sit in a fire truck, push alarm buttons, hold a fire hose… you name it. We had a great time!


We took the kids to an evening performance of Odysseo and they loved every minute of it. With so much action, music and horses, this show by Cavalia is an absolute feast for the eyes. Our twins were clapping and squealing almost entirely to the end. And they loved the VIP treatment which included cookies and ice cream during intermission. (So did the Big Kids, grin).


May brought us the last foal of our foaling season. Healthy and bay, this one was a filly. Thanks to Natalie Jackman of for this shot.


Tired of losing precious hay bales to the elements, we started the excavating / building process on a new hay shed. More to come on this one.


Hubby put together some presents Grandma bought the twins a while ago, that have been sitting in the garage until the kids were old enough. Let me tell you… having two 3-year-olds who drive is enough to make you lose all your hair. And it\’s quite the science experiment!

As you can see, our little man is a John Deere fan. He has taken to driving like a duck to water.

Our little girl, on the other hand, can often be spotted looking down at the radio.

Hope it\’s not like that when she\’s 16!


And finally, May ended for us with a bang. Tired of the long winter we decided to venture out on a vacation. As many of you with livestock may know, it\’s hard enough to leave your property and horses for horse shows, let alone a vacation. You must put all of your trust and the care of your animals in the hands of someone else, take a deep breath and actually step away to make a vacation happen.

Because of these reasons (and the fact that we were busy raising two little babies), it\’s been several years since our last one. My hubby drug his heels a bit and my kids battled a virus and an ear infection on the departure, but we finally did it!

The Webster family vacation 2014 took place at Atlantis in the Bahamas. Sugar white sands, endless swimming pools, turtles, sharks (in tanks), piña coladas. Life is good 🙂


By a chance meeting, we even ran into the rock group Paramore in our hotel lobby.

Obviously my kids don\’t know who Hayley Williams is just yet, but they will. Because Mommy is a big fan.


Atlantis features so much. Activities outdoors, kiddie pools, up-close-and-personal encounters with sharks, dolphins, stingrays, pottery classes, fine dining, make your own stuffed animal adventures, movies under the stars, or the chance to just be a family again… That\’s what we found – and that\’s what we took from Atlantis.


May also held some other great thrills for us as well, but those are things I can\’t share with you just yet – not until a future issue of Western Horse Review! Stay tuned to My Stable Life!!

The Year of the Horse has been shaping up nicely. I hope May was wonderful for you too!


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