National Penning Cancelled


An update this morning from the Canadian Team Cattle Penning Association. The 2010 Canadian Finals, usually held in Calgary late October has been regrettably cancelled.

Nationals Finals Chairman Kent Hillard and President Bill Fraser made the joint announcement on the CTCPA website

Citing several reasons for the suspension including insufficient entries (in the last two years entries have dropped from 932 to 559, or by 40%), to the economy and even the poor weather in Alberta and Saskatchewan which has “taken its toll  and has delayed harvest  affecting many of our  penners who\’s livelihood depends upon agriculture.” Hillard relates the situation is not relative only to the National Finals, but indeed several large jackpots have endured low entries or cancellation.

Hillard goes on to state:

“This was a very difficult decision for the National Final Committee but despite considerable effort to reduce expenditures and increase sponsorship the results were not sufficient to bring you the same high quality show and cover expenditures and still provide attractive payouts which have averaged  over 80% overall in the past.We also received tremendous support from the Calgary Stampede who made every effort to assist us in being able to provide a show this year. We look forward to their continued support and cooperation for future shows.

“Your National Finals Committee has worked very hard this year planning the show to try and meet the expectations of our members however, participation is the key. In order to plan for 2011 we not only need your input but we also need your support.

We thank the sponsors that were prepared to support the show this year and look forward to your support again next year.”

We\’ll miss covering this annual event in our year-end Champions edition, and look forward to seeing them back at the Calgary Stampede grounds next year.


2 thoughts on “National Penning Cancelled”

  1. Although I am not a penner it has been a sport in which we as cutters have been able to sell our horses that didn’t make the cut. ( no pun intended here:)) Although not directly related to cutting it is an integral part of the equine industry and there for sad to see it cancelled for 2010. Here is hoping it will make a come back in 2011

  2. -it is sad this had to happen
    -but the only way to fix this
    -is to move the show
    -costs are to high in calgary
    and there is not enuff return on your fees

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