Out of the Wild

\"outofthewildcover\"I\’m certain many of our readers are fans of Mark Rashid\’s writing, for his books are some of our most sought sale items. So, I thought I\’d share news of the project he\’s currently working on. In partnership with Wild Basin Films, Rashid is hoping to raise $775,000 to fund their independent feature, Out of the Wild, a film based on the novel by Rashid.

Out of the Wild is based on actual events – the story of Henry McBride, an alcoholic, down and out, modern era cowboy who has lost everything. McBride’s self-discovery begins when a no-nonsense ranch owner with a deep love for horses, introduces him to a quieter way of training a troubled mustang, a horse whose past and temperament mirror his own. What transpires is a story of love, redemption and moving both man and horse beyond their deepest wounds to discover lives they never thought possible.

The project reached the $50,000 quickly in the first 36 hours of it\’s launch Kickstarter campaign, but needs to raise a significant amount of money in the 13 days left on the campaign. Here\’s a short trailer about the movie.


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