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\"JanCover2014web\"We rolled out the first issue of the year a few weeks ago, incorporating a few design changes and new departments and features. We’d love to get your feedback on it! As a thank-you for your time, we\’re offering up a pair of Professionals Choice splint boots as a prize – we’ll randomly draw one winner from all the responses received.

The survey closes after a definitive number of responses so don\’t delay. It won’t take but 5 minutes and we truly appreciate every response we receive.

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(Readers and subscribers to the print or digital magazine only, please)


6 thoughts on “Reader Survey”

  1. Love the articles on food as it really brings something different to your magazine. Not so much on the fashion articles as most are over the top and I wouldn’t wear 98% of it to the barn or out. It is a great magazine and you can always find a copy on my coffee table!

    1. Thanks Jeanette, really appreciate the comments and feedback. Please be sure to click on the survey link, and complete it, for a chance to win the Pro Choice boots!

  2. Katie O'Brien

    I like the magazine, but the content seems to be lacking. I guess it just depends on what your interest are, but I will never travel to Arizona for the winter. I am still waiting for the pro choice boots “gift” for the 3 year Suscription.

    1. Hello Katie, I appreciate the comments. The Arizona piece was a new angle for us this year, and seemed to be welcomed by many readers. However, you are correct, not everyone goes to Arizona! I have our circulation department checking on your subscription and will get back to you on the boots. They do take a bit to get sent out.

  3. Diane McGregor

    Finally got my long awaited Arizona copy. Have been reading it online but nice to have a copy in my hands. Have a few friends down there that keep asking when are you coming….Dream trip would be take my horse and dog from Ontario and travel down but hey a girl can dream….

    Maybe you can give more travel trips and the necessary paperwork required to travel such long distances in the event some of us get adventurous.

    Even though you are a out west magazine I like to read the articles and look forward to seeing articles on different makers of western gear, maybe some western artists, some up and coming kids and how they enjoy their horses, highlight some rescues organizations without offending the over breeders or backyard ones (good luck with that), maybe spotlights on each western province….

    Anyway, I do like to read a range of magazines including yours, so keep it interesting because you just never know what month there will be that little tip of information you may need later.

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