Riding For Kaylynn

There\’s no easy way to talk about it. Cancer is an unfair, reality of life. It has almost certainly touched the lives of every person on the planet. It rips families apart, dashes dreams and is indiscriminate about who it chooses.

But cancer is also just a word. And the people it affects are still the people they were before the war began. Their bodies may change, but a word can never change who they are. Not even cancer. The horse industry has a special person who has been fighting the difficult battle.

She has shown amazing strength and a positive attitude all throughout. She has a brave heart and a remarkable spirit. And we could all learn something from the person Kaylynn Malmberg is.

The following video is an emotional tribute ride to Kaylynn, performed by Deb Duce at the recent 2011 Reining Alberta Fall Classic. This is Kaylynn\’s horse: a 3-year-old she may never have the chance to ride. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and we wish you all the best Kaylynn.


2 thoughts on “Riding For Kaylynn”

  1. Arlene Hepburn

    Just great to see – was not at arena for this so thanks for sharing here. Thinking of Kaylynn…..

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