Royal Cutting


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  1. That is such a cool story! a once in a life time thing, kind of like, a dream come true! I remember Bill telling the story of his England adventure at the Horse conference in Red Deer a few years back. That was really something to be proud of .. Thanks John Lukacs

  2. the Prince Philip trophy resides with my brother Hales wife. Hales, however passed away suddenly in1984. Cutting in this era was very exciting and most major horse shows had open cutting contests such as the spring rodeo in Edmonton,Calgary Stampede,all the QH shows and many local ranch contest. Some that I recall were George Goldens ranch , Gordon Hoods ranch,Hughe Harries ranch my Dads PV ranch. The cutting horse gang of that day were very lucky to have had Denny Mighall as their announcer at these contest sharing the history of how this sport grew from its historical roots on real working ranches to audiences who knew little about this new sport.I still have humorous articles from Denny and Don Mackay about these early years.


    1. Hello Philip, thanks so much for the note. I think many people are interested in the history of cutting in Canada, there’s so many great stories to be told from its roots in this country, and spans from East (think Hellyer) to West. I would love to have a read of some of those article you speak of sometime.

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