Strawberry & Cilantro Grilled Cheese


As I peer outside at our horses through a window, I\’m watching them buck and rear and throw quite a fuss. They\’re probably just as upset as we are at this cold, harsh weather blowing in… Bring on Spring already.

I figure the gusty forecast calls for the perfect remedy to ease my winter blues – comfort food!

The Strawberry & Cilantro Grilled Cheese is one of our new favorites. This avant-garde spin on an old classic takes just minutes to prepare and tricks both my children and my husband into eating vegetables, at the same time.

Strawberry & Cilantro Grilled Cheese


• 3-4 Large Strawberries

• Small bunch of fresh Cilantro

• 1 Avocado

• 5-6 Cherry Tomatoes

• 2 Pieces of bread for each sandwich

• Cheese



Wash the rind of your avocado and peel. Slice the flesh of the avocado into small chunks and place into a small food processor. Wash your strawberries and remove the tops. Wash your tomatoes and cut into halves. Wash the cilantro and chop up finely. Add everything together in the food processor. Blend together into a chunky \”salsa.\”


Prepare your bread as you would normally for grilled cheese sandwiches by buttering the outside and placing into a fry pan on medium heat (buttered side down). Allow them to heat to a golden, toasty brown. Remove when they are toasted as desired. These will be the tops of your sandwiches.

Quickly throw in the remaining pieces of buttered bread, (again buttered side down) and add cheese on top. These will be the bases of your sandwiches. Allow the heat to melt the cheese without burning the opposite side of your bread (especially now that your stove burner has warmed up). Once the bread has a nice, crispy glow and the cheese has turned into melty goodness, remove from the fry pan.



Spread the strawberry salsa mix onto the tops of each sandwich and press onto a base with melted cheese. Cut in half and enjoy!


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