Team Canada on the Road


Horsemen Jonathan Field and Glenn Stewart have been chosen to represent Canada at the 2012 Road to the Horse competition, March 9-11 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Both Field and Stewart hail from British Columbia, the most western province of Canada. \”This is so exciting to be able to represent Canada in Road to the Horse 2012!” reports Field. “I was so happy to hear that my teammate will be my good friend Glenn Stewart. I am looking forward to meeting my colt and doing the best I can for Canada!”

Stewart mirrors the same thoughts. “Road to the Horse 2012 Team Canada! I can’t think of a more exciting event to participate in, nor can I think of anyone besides Jonathan Field who I’d rather be with to represent Canada!”

The entire equine industry has been abuzz since the 2011 Road to the Horse Legends event which matched the United States’ three largest superstar clinicians against one another in a horsemanship duel of epic proportions. The twenty million dollar question everyone has been asking since is “How are you going to top this?” Event Owner/Producer Tootie Bland’s answer? Go global, find the world’s best clinicians, place them in an innovative international team format and let them go toe to toe for the World Championship of Colt Starting at the 2012 Road to the Horse March 9-11, 2012 in Murfreesboro, TN.

“Going global means new horsemen, new styles of horsemanship and an exciting challenge to see who’s the best in the world. Road to the Horse will host the first ever International Match in Colt Starting. We have invited Australia and Canada to see if they can match the talent in the United States. National Pride is on the line and we will find out in Murfreesboro who rules the world. This is going to more horsemanship in one arena than ever before. I can’t wait for this one!” says Bland.

Traditionally, three to four clinicians have been matched up for this prestigious competition which gives competitors just a few short hours over two days to train an untouched young horse to accept a rider in front of a standing-room-only live audience and the attentive eyes of the worldwide equine press corp. While training has been limited to two days in the past, the 2012 event will feature round pen sessions on all three days.

“We’re doubling down! Never before have six clinicians shared the arena floor and never before have we paired competitors up in a team format. Road to the Horse is known for its twists and turns and we’ll definitely have some challenges the competitors will have to face. The excitement of this event is destined to be Tennessee’s equivalent of the Kentucky Derby,” says Bland.

For more information about Jonathan Field or call 1888 JFFIELD.
For information about Glenn Stewart, visit or call 1 877 728 8987.
For more information on Road to the Horse 2012, visit or call 325-736-5000.


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  1. Silvia Thacker

    Will this be live streamed? This will be absolutely awesome! I’ve never had the opportunity to see Mr. Stewart, but Mr. Field is incredible!!

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