The Language of the Spade Bit

\"\"The August issue of Western Horse Review will be arriving in your mailbox any day now. The cover features a gorgeous shot by photographer Kim Taylor, and within it, you\’ll find an indepth interview writer Deanna Paulsen conducted with Les Vogt, regarding his thoughts on the use (and mis-use) of the spade bit.

I asked Deanna how the interview went and she related, “When I came up with the idea of writing on spade bits I knew it would be an interesting topic and certainly one that perked my interest, however I had no idea how much there was to know and learn about one bit. Interviewing Les Vogt, or should I say, listening to Les Vogt, talk about the spade was an absolute honor. It’s easy to write an article on something when you talk to someone who is so passionate about the topic and Les gave me a completely different perspective and appreciation for the spade. He spread his enthusiasm and passion about the subject forward to me!

“And the biggest reward I got from this project was the bit guru’s approval, in Les’ words, ‘Damn girl you can write!’”

We hope you enjoy the feature and in the meantime, this video of Les Vogt speaking about the spade bit.


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